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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Did Oprah Winfrey's People ask Barack Obama to hold a Town Hall Meeting about the Credit Card Industry to get DailyPUMA off of Oprah's Back?

My prior article on DailyPUMA challenged Oprah Winfrey to devote an entire television show to how awful the Credit Card Companies are behaving in these tough economic times.

Let me just add that DailyPUMA got hits from the Chicago, Illinois area soon after my prior article was written.

I write an article that exposes Oprah Winfrey for the greedy business person she really is, someone who would promote free chicken dinners to her audience to make herself look good to millions of people even as she IGNORES the economic raping of millions of americans by the credit card companies.  

Not to mention that Oprah recently had a television show devoted to how livestock animals are mistreated in which Oprah stated that she had not previously thought much about how such livestock are treated, but she would from now on.  I guess KFC passed the "grill test" when it came to how they treat their livestock, not.

The credit card companies are using PUNITIVE measures in these tough economic times to collect their debts when INCENTIVE BASED credit card programs should have been used to both reduce consumer debt and also create more consumer cash flow throughout local economies throughout every city in the entire country. 

The best stimulus plan of all would have been incentive based credit card debt payback programs, NOT the punitive based credit card debt payback programs that have been hurled on millions of americans instead.  

I'm probably the first person to have identified punitive vs incentive based credit card debt paydown programs.  That should tell you how screwed we are right now. If the credit card industry wants to hire me to help them create incentive based credit card programs, I would do so, happily.

Barack Obama has performed the "perfect" political move by announcing his hastily called town hall meeting. 

Barack Obama takes the pressure off of Oprah Winfrey so Oprah doesn't have to do a televisions show about the credit card industries punitive methods for destroying the lives of americans just barely hanging on month to month.

Barack Obama waters down and obfuscates the most important credit card issues plaguing americans by conducting a "town hall meeting" while making it look as if he is reaching out to blue collar america at the same time.

Plus, the Barack Obama fan club can then chortle that Barack Obama took on the credit card companies while involving the american people in the that process via a town hall meeting that was so hastily announced that no official date or venue was announced.

And of course, who knows what Oprah Winfrey does to reciprocate for Barack Obama getting her off the hook.  At the end of the day, nothing changes, and that is what matters most to fat cats like Oprah Winfrey.


Anonymous said...

Who's going to ask him about his vote on credit card interest rates?


Alessandro Machi said...

I guess I never really followed that aspect. I presume he voted for the credit card industries position?

Anonymous said...

Stay on it, Alessandro! People are paying attention!

as for KFC: It's a well-known fact that they use tortured chickens. PETA had tons of publicity on it that Oprah couldn't have missed. How can she claim now, old as she is, not to have known the horrifying conditions livestock suffer?

- beethovenqueen

Alessandro Machi said...

Last year Oprah Winfrey devoted an entire show to the Proposition 2 ballot measure in Calfornia. Oprah claimed to have never really thought about how animals are treated before they are turned into meat.

I guess she has forgotten that show, even though it was only seven months ago when it came to the KFC promotion.

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