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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Joe the Plumber & Ron the Roofer, meet Peggy from Pennsylvania. Learn how Chase Bank hurts the Elderly, Cancer Survivors, and Responsible Bill Payers.

First it was Joe the Plumber, then Ron the Roofer, now it is time to meet Peggy from Pennsylvania. Peggy doesn't miss her payments and pays on time, thus making her and her cancer stricken family a toxic asset in the jaundiced eyes of the new age banking community.

If you aren't being charged an obscene credit card interest rate, you too can be labeled a toxic asset. To learn more about Peggy and how Chase seems to live for the thrill of destroying the american dream of those who weave that dream into jobs and services for middle america, Please Click here and learn more at Daily-Protest.com

It is as if it has become the job of the Credit Card Companies to make as many stand up americans "bitter" as is inhumanely possible.

Unacceptable, irresponsible lines have been crossed by the credit card banking industry and unless people like me, (Alessandro Machi) outsiders who haven't taken this lying down, are truly empowered, we all will continue to be at the mercy of draconian changes at the drop of a board meeting, any time, any place.

Yes, I want to be the equivalent of an Italian Jesse Jackson. A gadfly paid by the Credit Card industry to help stop the credit card companies from doing the wrong thing, something they just seem naturally capable of doing, over and over and over.

Until passionate outsiders who never enter the boardrooms of these companies can actually have sway over credit card industry proposals via their own independent websites, we will continue to be at the mercy of sociopath mentalities that can't help themselves as they hurt middle america.

Please read Peggy from Pennsylvania's story and then realize that this is going on all over america. Everything the banks have done when it comes to the credit card industry have BEEN THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT they should be doing. I'll be exposing those Credit Card Company wrongs one by one in a future article.

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