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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tea Party Protest Do's and Dont's. What NOT to Write on your Protest Sign if you don't want to be labeled a loon or Republican Operative by the Media.

Tea Party Protests started yesterday, April 11, 2009. My concern was that if Barack Obama, his alleged citizenship status, or if socialism, fascism, the bailout or the constitution were mentioned in any way, the protests would be labeled as Republican driven, making the protests somewhat easy to dismiss as the rantings of "bitter" Republicans or conspiracy types.

Apparently, in Los Angeles, that is sort of how the Chase Bank Studio City Protest event was reported by KABC-7 News. The Studio City location that I was invited to attend on Saturday had approximately 2 to 3 dozen protestors. Most of the protest signs were about issues that the protestors felt passionately about, but they did not convey a unified message. Because the protest was in front of a Chase Bank, I was able to use my "Chase, Keep your word" protest sign, along with my Daily-Protest.com sign.

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I believe that going after the banks and their cheating and thieving ways is neither a Republican or Democratic position. I fear that the April 15th Tea Party's are going to be minimized with accusations of Republican manipulation. FOX Promo doing more harm than good.


Exposing the illegal suctioning of money from the middle class by the banks via change in terms on millions of credit card accounts is a big enough issue to be mad about.

Exposing the theft of Frequent Flyer miles from American Express consumers so Citibank can acquire them in exchange for cushy loan deals with American Airlines is another non partisan issue.

On the Crooks and Liars website, notice how the Studio City, CA Tea Party Protest Discussion takes a turn for the positive when the discussion changes from labeling the protestors as bitter republican protestors to discussion about how Chase Bank is harming hundreds of thousands of trustworthy americans.

Rather than protest about Barack Obama, fascism, socialism, natural born, or the bailout itself, I believe if the April 15th tea party protests could focus on something most of americans agree on, we can change that one thing, rather than just be minimized by the media as being a republican based protest.

So I am asking, do you want to have the right to have your very specific protest heard and obfuscated by the media, or do you want to help affect change and save millions of americans upcoming grief when they open up their credit card statement and see a low interest life of the loan offer balloon from 2% to 5%, aka 200 dollars to 500 dollars a month payment!

At the Studio City Tea Party Protest, I was the only one protesting against Chase Bank and their illegal and incredibly destructive, anti-family credit card billing tactics even though the protest was in front of Chase bank, yet I got a much more positive response than any other cause being protested that day.

I don't just want to be heard, I want to help affect change that can instantly benefit millions of americans from the hostile, insensitive and illegal actions the credit card companies have spawned.

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