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Monday, March 16, 2009

Disney's Escape to Witch Mountain has controversial scene in it.

Years ago, a movie came out in which drunken college kids lay out in the middle of a roadway and attempted to prove their manhood by not flinching as unsuspecting cars drove by them. Of course, in real life a few drunken college kids tried this out as well.

As I recall, at least one person lost their life, and another person was badly injured.

In the Disney Movie Witch Mountain, we have a much younger person standing in front of a fast moving car. The fast moving car obliterates upon impact with the young person, aka a witch.

Just curious if this scene was necessary to the making of this movie, and I hope that nobody out there believes it is possible to stop a fast moving car by standing in its way.

Is this the kind of stuff that should be censored since it can influence the mindset of minors in a way that can be fatal?


Anonymous said...

Man, if a kid is that easily influenced, that kid has some serious issues going on. Same question could be asked for any movie with super heroes.
and the list goes on and on and on. Kids know they can't really fly or stop bullets or obliterate cars by standing in front of them. Some kids have NO common sense.


Alessandro Machi said...

The difference from your example and this one is that it is a younger person with the special powers.

If just one in a hundred, or one in a thousand younger person mistakenly believes they can stop a car by standing in front of it and using their mind, that won't be a good thing.

I did cite the movie from several years ago as evidence of college kids not knowing better.

I would have altered the scened. I would have had the kid levitate from the side of the road first, float above the roadway, and stop the car from above.

At least in that scenario, if a kid can't levitate first, they probably can't stop a car either. In this instance Disney created suspense by the young adult concentrating while in harms way.

While I would have advised Disney to alter that scene,I sincerely hope nobody tries to emulate that scene in real life, that is for sure.

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