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Monday, March 2, 2009

Daily PUMA releases its own PUMA STIMULUS PACKAGE and Daily PUMA readers are the beneficiaries!

After watching Congress effortlessly add money to the United States economy, Daily PUMA wondered if extra width could be added to the two, far right PUMA Blog columns. After playing with column width numbers, Daily PUMA is pleased to announce its very own PUMA STIMULUS PACKAGE! If you look to the right you will notice BOTH PUMA COLUMNS ARE NOW WIDER!

DailyPUMA hasn't quite mastered the art of creating column width out of non-existent space with the same ease that congress creates wealth out of thin air. It appears that when the right two PUMA columns were widened, the center, main column shrank by an equal amount.

In an effort to appease all points of view, the left column of the blog, the non PUMA blog column, was also widened just a tad, resulting in even more shrinkage (aka tax cut) of the center column.

For some reason, DailyPUMA can't seem to master the concept of increasing all the columns that demand increases while also maintaining the original size of the center column.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could tax our great, great, great grandchildren. It seems to be the Great Solution to everything these days.

1950 Democrat said...

I can't think of any jokes right now but I like the new column sizes! Thinner middle column is fine, that way I can see all the side columns at once. The wide column was harder to read anyway.

You are the greatest thing that's happened to the PUMA movement in a long time!

Thanks for adding http://boojum-post.blogspot.com/

1950 Democrat said...

Another bravo for the new layout. In Opera I can set view at 80% which puts everything on the same screen no need to scroll horizontally.

Then I read down the new Puma listings on the rigth. When I've got to the PUmas I saw yesterday, the non-Pumas on the left are just beginning.

Hope that makes sense.

Alessandro Machi said...

.I hadn't made the connection that the second day PUMA articles somewhat line-up with the beginning of the left hand column non PUMA articles. A lucky break actually, or, as Pee Wee Herman said after summersaulting over his bicycle handle bars and landing face first in the mud, "I meant to do that".

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