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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jake Tapper asks the White House about the mysterious Ethics List.

Thanks to The Real Barack Obama Blog for finding this

Ethics rule number 1,
For maximum flexibility, don't reveal list of ethics.

Ethics Rule number 2,
Refer to rule number one.

Ethics Rule number 3,
Are you still here?

Ethics Rule number 4,
It is not ethical to waste the presidents time with non-pertinent
ethics questions.

Ethics Rule number 5,
If you don't have another question, please allow someone else a chance.

Ethics Rule number 6,
Just Go Away, Please.

Ethics Rule number 7,
Just Go Away.

Ethics Rule number 8
Just Go.

Ethics Rule number 9
So, have you found a new press plane to travel on?

Ethics Rule number 10
The ethics list doubles as a bib for your wagyu steak.


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