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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is MSNBC coaching its anchors to all have the same talking points, is that ethical?

There is a certain cohesiveness to MSNBC that I find eerie. It seems as if all the on air hosts promote the same talking points all day long. It is as if they all attend a special meeting at the beginning of each day, are told what the talking points of the day are, and then they all follow them.

Some of you may say, "well duh, of course they do that". I would say, unduh, that it is unethical to do that. The promotion of an unbending and synchronized political philosophy that is virtually the same amongst all of the anchors points to a channel that is not a news channel, but a propaganda promotion channel.

Is FoxNews television different? Yes. Fox anchors all have viewpoints that wouldn't really be confused with their fellow anchors, they may primarily be from the conservative viewpoint, but on any specific point, they don't all agree with each other.

MSNBC's coverage of Blagojevich borders on the embarrassing. MSNBC will superficially mention Blagojevich's Canadian prescriptions impeachment charge, then immediately say that there were other impeachment points worthy of impeachment and removal from office. Well, even if there were other more valid impeachment charges, the Canadian Prescription issue should NOT have been one of the charges that was brought forth. MSNBC chose to rationalize the Prescription impeachment charge by saying there were other valid charges, so it didn't matter.

How can anyone think it is sane to charge Blagojevich with impeachment for allowing Illinois residents the ability to get low cost prescriptions from Canada, especially when other state governors have already done it! How can anyone trivialize the effort to give elders free bus rides in those horrible Chicago winters? Just ask MSNBC, they'll gladly ridicule anything and everything that Blagojevich ever did, because they were most likely instructed to do so.

To this day, all MSNBC anchors still insist that John McCain was wrong back in September of 2008 for wanting to stop the debates so that he could focus his attention on the bailout proposals. If anyone were ever to go back over MSNBC's coverage of the original bailout votes, it would reveal some of the all time worst coverage for its slantedness of such a crucial event at such a critical time in our history.

Rather than admit to the world that MSNBC completely botched their coverage of the bailout votes back in September of 2008. MSNBC will forever paint John McCain as the fall guy for treating it as an incredibly important event. It is this kind of MSNBC media group think mind blather that I fear as we go forward as a nation.

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DeniseVB said...

Well, screw MSNBO, here's what I'm pithed about tonight...


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