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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Nuttiness of MSNBC Exposed.

When John McCain wanted to cancel the first presidential debate and go to Washington so he could be involved in the design of the first bailout bill, MSNBC accused John McCain of using the bailout bill as a "diversion" to avoid debating Barack Obama.

The day the first bailout bill was to be voted on by Congress, MSNBC's position was that the bailout bill was just supposed to pass. Instead of objectively reporting about the bailout bill congressional vote, MSNBC openly lobbied that the bailout bill WAS SUPPOSED to PASS or there would be catastrophic consequences.

When the first Bailout Bill vote failed, MSNBC accused John McCain of not being able to deliver any votes towards the PASSAGE of the first vote on the bailout bill. This despite the fact that americans were calling in 20-1 AGAINST the Bailout Bill. MSNBC was tell dictating how John McCain should vote or risk being ridiculed on air!

When the second bailout bill passed, MSNBC portrayed Barack Obama as scholarly and intelligent and "working the phones" behind the scenes for its passage.

At one point, MSNBC promoted a ridiculously unscientific hastily put together automated phone poll that showed an overwhelming amount of americans felt the candidates should debate and NOT use the bailout bill as an excuse to cancel the first debate. MSNBC flogged this quickie phone poll over John McCain's head as "proof" that John McCain was afraid to debate Barack Obama when the public wanted it.

Based on John McCain's statement that McCain wanted to cancel the first debate and go to Washington and deal with the bailout bill, MSNBC set up John McCain to be mercilessly flogged no matter what McCain did next. When John McCain acquiesced to the MSNBC led pressure to not cancel the first debate, McCain was then accused by MSNBC of being a flip flopper for going to the first debate!

Ed Rendell and a few other top democratic officials created the same talking points that John McCain's "flip flopping" proved he couldn't run the country. It was as if MSNBC and company had shared a Destroy John McCain playbook and were reciting the same lines.

Now its 7 weeks later, and I witness Rachel Maddow on her show last night "incensed" that the bailout bill was rushed. YOU RUSHED IT! YOU, Olbermann, Matthews, Schuster, Contessa Brewer, ALL OF YOU RUSHED the PASSAGE of the BAILOUT BILL DURING YOUR BROADCASTS and USED IT AS A POLITICAL COMMENTARY TOOL against John McCain.

On practically a daily basis, I believe Maddow, Olbermann, Matthews, Schuster, Gregory, and Brewer blur the line between political COMMENTARY and NEWS reporting, I call it SPEWS.

MSNBC perpetually spews forth their commentary blather while masquerading it as news.

Until there is a big fat COMMENTARY splattered on the television screen for most of MSNBC's daily broadcast, MSNBC will continue to browbeat Women Politicians and anyone who is not for Barack Obama, while pretending they are just reporting the news.

I believe it is going to take intelligent filings with the FCC to reign MSNBC in.


Edgeoforever said...

Whaaa? Rachel is against the bailout now? But it was her night in shining armor who pushed for it, even changed its name!

Stray Yellar Dawg said...

The audacity of NBC, and it's stepchild.. MSNBC, is unparalleled in this election year.

These people really do think it is all about them. Not about the USA. Not about "we the people." About the media. *They* will dictate what is important.

Unless we, as a nation, can get ahold of our senses and put them in their place... we are truly doomed.

But... not to worry. We have Sarah Palin to lead the charge. And, in her own words... she is not going to Washington to "seek their good favor." Oh, and she WILL be going to Washington. Maybe not this year... or next. But..... she will.

Alessandro Machi said...

MSNBC has the upper hand with Sarah Palin by simply "shadowing" her every move. By overhyping anything Sarah Palin does, MSNBC minimizes her and turns her into a Reality TV sit com.

Just yesterday, Olbermann recounted all of the interviews that Sarah Palin has given since the election ended. Just the act of reviewing the interviews, minimizes them.

Did you catch how many times they use the word felon when mentioning Steven's name? Every time Stevens name is mentioned, they put the word felon in front it, everytime.

MSNBC cut together a montage of all the times McCain would say "My Friends" during a debate, or cut together Sarah Palin mentioning Bill Ayers name during speeches.

Why doesn't somebody cut together how many times MSNBC uses the word felon during the day, turn the tables on them.

truthisgold said...

As a strong media reform advocate, NBC & MSNBC are at the top of my list. Fortunately, MSNBC is also at the bottom of the ten most viewed networks, so it appears that we are not alone in our criticism.

One can only hope that karmic justice will prevail here, and work to effect its swift arrival.

Alessandro Machi said...

FCC filings could do it. The examples cited should solid examples of MSNBC anchors announcing their opinion as if it were news. Throwing in a snide comment in the middle of newstory qualifies as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't where to get a hold of you, but the whole left side of your site is missing. I didn't tell you to remove me!

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