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Monday, February 19, 2018

Time to split up the NRA.

It would be wrong to assume that everyone who is in the NRA agrees with the NRA on all of their legislative lobbying. When Trump's first legislative action after becoming President was to loosen gun ownership restrictions on the mentally ill, DailyPUMA wonders if it was a quid pro quo arrangement. 

What did the NRA do that compelled Trump to make appeasing the NRA the very first thing he did as President?

The NRA may have helped Donald Trump get elected with unknown tens of millions of dollars of advertising revenue, perhaps even figuring out a way to gin the vote in various critical precincts while also working as a conduit with Russia. Then Trump's first legislative action is to repeal gun ownership restrictions regarding the mentally ill and domestic abusers??? 

As Rachel Maddow recently pointed out, not only was Trump's first legislative action the relaxing of restrictions on gun ownership for those with mental or domestic violence issues, but apparently the photos that were taken of Trump's first legislative Pro NRA signing have never been released to the public even though apparently many have tried to get the image of Donald Trump signing the easing of gun restriction legislation into law.

Going forward, how can the smoldering anger over ongoing gun violence in schools be used to usurp some of the NRA's Power? One thing DailyPUMA learned from the 2016 Presidential election, if Barack Obama's support gives Hillary Clinton 10 million votes, but 7 million Hillary Clinton Moderates switch to Trump because Hillary Clinton refused to speak poorly of Barack Obama, the net result is a four million vote loss for Hillary Clinton. This win many, lose more scenario can also be used to loosen the NRA's influence over congress if NRA members had another gun  membership lobby option.

If a competing Gun Membership Lobby option could sway just 33% of NRA members, suddenly politicians would have an alternative option to negotiate with. Additionally, hemorrhaging 33% of NRA membership will probably cause the neosubversive elements within the NRA to soften up just a bit.

Another approach would simply be to focus on membership for those who oppose the NRA, in essence neutralizing the NRAs reach by simply having an alternative source of lobbying funds available to promote more sane answers to what is in fact a mental health / gun problem in the U.S.

One thing the gun lobby does not want to accept, but should, is that guns are possibly the only thing made on the planet that do not decompose. Sure, guns rust, or some part may need replacing, reoiled, or refiled, but virtually any gun can be restored. So, over time, guns become like cockroaches, except they never die, instead they hibernate until needed.

The NRA is partly responsible for the weaponizing of the planet, which in turn increases the percentage of military expenditures by our own government versus more humane forms of government relief, like healthcare, abundant funding for schools, and so on. The Clinton era was the last time that the federal budget deficit was shrinking, which would have led to more funding for peaceful use. Without intervention the growth of guns on the planet will continue to exponentially expand.

This is not about taking an NRA member's guns away, this is about creating an alternative lobbying viewpoint about guns that more closely simulates the view of guns by those with a disdain for the never ending increase in gun creation. Right now the NRA represents a Monarchy, a Dictatorship of lobbying power. 

Rather than allow the NRA to continue within a vacuum, lets come up with an alternative gun reform association   for those who want to have a choice when it comes to gun lobbying groups.

Many believe that if "the people" don't have as many guns as they want that government will become emboldened over their citizens. DailyPUMA agrees with this belief. However, Why not set up an earned income clause in which once a person has earned $100,000 dollars worth of income, they can buy a gun. The idea being that by working first, people have to learn to assimilate with others via work, and could make younger people less of a threat to shoot up a school.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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