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Friday, February 16, 2018

Before Florida Shooter did the wrong thing, he did the right thing.

The Florida Shooter who murdered 17 unarmed people actually did something that should have prevented the killing. Back in September of 2017 he posted on Youtube that he wanted to be a Professional School Shooter. 

The comment was so disturbing a bail bondsmen from the Midwest reported the Youtube comment to the FBI and to YouTube. What did YouTube do, they removed the post, and apparently nothing more than that. Most likely because Youtube probably does not have an actual division that personally interacts with those filing complaints about scary content left on their site.

The FBI has claimed they could not verify the Youtube account that made the post. Is this because Facebook and Google and Youtube all demand we give them a cell phone number rather than a land line phone number when registering? It is not even an option! It's cell phone only! Why?

It appears that it is easier to send fraudulent messages via cell phone than land lines, especially to police and ambulance services because the cell phone messages for police and emergency services cannot be verified as easily as a land line. 

The drive to kill land lines could be a big mistake. Yes, scam artists can spoof on land lines, but the land lines still seem to be a better way to prove where a call is coming from versus a cell. Plus, landlines that run through cable companies seem to now block spam calls. The phone rings once, then no more, the spam land line call has been blocked by the cable company after one ring.

If a person with mental issues basically posts his mental issues online, and society cannot help that individual, then why is everyone still focusing on gun control? If we don't have the ability to help those who let us know they need help, then discussing gun control actually harms the issue of mental illness. 

A digitally created public cry for help by a mentally unstable person that goes unheeded and unaided by  corporate powers and the FBI should not be converted into an issue about too many guns or gun control. Gun control and mental illness are separate issues.

In this particular instance, while the school massacre screams gun control, first and foremost is why did a cry for help from a mentally ill person go unheeded and unaided?

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