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Monday, July 3, 2017

What Donald Trump really means when he says "Make America Great Again".

When Donald Trump says "Make America Great, Again", DailyPUMA believes Trump really means "Make America Simple, Again". The Climate Accords seems to expose that what Trump clamors for and demands is simplicity. Rather than keep improving solar and wind technology, which Trump apparently considers too complicated, lets just harvest all of our non renewable energies at a faster pace. The Paris Accords in Trump's mind were about reducing energy simplicity in the short term even though in the long term it would mean more efficiency, hence, more for all.

Investments become easier to make when it comes to knowing what simple energy company to invest in, but when it comes to non-renewable energy, there is no simplicity.

Trump might actually garner a majority of Americans to approve his wall if Trump championed a wall made out of solar energy panels. But that might prove too complicated and would compete with his agenda of simple, old school energy.

Donald Trump seems to adore simplicity. Be it getting two scoops of ice cream on his pie while his guests get just one, or using a Golf Cart in Sicily while six other leaders at a G-7 conference  (who then had to wait for Trump to catch up for a photo op) walked, Trump seems to like the simpler things.

Simplicity can have its virtue and many times does, but usually simplicity is an offshoot of hard work and results. It seems as if Mr. Trump wants to use simple sounding ideas to get tough results even when good ideas exist that would get solid results in a much less confrontational way. Trump doesn't appear inclined to waiver from his "Make America Great Again" slogan just so he can continue his own pathway of personal simplicity and largesse for his inner circle while the outer circle grimaces in frustration.

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