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Friday, July 14, 2017

Donald Trump's Secret Medical Episode, was it Botox, Bells Palsey, a TIA (mini Stroke), or maybe a dental procedure, and is this a Medical cover up until after the Senate Votes on HealthCare today?

(Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 1:45 am update) DailyPUMA decided to do a "Solar Energy Wall" google search and was surprised to see that a Daily KOS article had suggested the idea on April 24, 2017. DailyPUMA never saw that article primarily because DailyKOS does not have RSS feeds so their articles cannot be accessed from DailyPUMA. DailyPUMA had the idea for a solar energy wall several months earlier and decided to share the idea the June 21st, 2017 article after witnessing month after month of hostilities between both parties - end of update.)

DailyPUMA, and probaby others have noticed Donald Trump cannot smile on the right side of his face. DailyPUMA would like to know what his medical condition and prognosis was and what it cost, or is that too none of our business? 

Is this a medical scare cover-up until after the Senate Healthcare Vote is taken? If the right side of Hillary Clinton's face was having difficulty smiling, and less able to smile then the left side of the face, Fox News and the Crazy Conservative Media would be DEMANDING to know what Hillary Clinton was hiding.

Donald Trump has suddenly come out in favor of a solar energy wall, something that DailyPUMA suggested on June 21st, 2017, and then repeated the Solar Energy Wall idea  on July 05, 2017

DailyPUMA's Solar Energy Wall idea went uncredited by Mr. Trump, but it's possible someone other than Trump could have read DailyPUMA and then ran with the solar energy wall idea and pitched it to Mr. Trump's team.

Progressives will make fun of the solar energy wall idea, but it is a compromise that basically will propel the U.S. forward in the Solar Energy race and maybe educate Mr. Trump on the merits of renewable energy. Rather than attempt to force Mexico to pay for a conventional brick and mortar, or steel wall, the U.S. could actually offer Mexico 10% or 15% of the energy produced by the solar energy wall as a sign of friendship and respect.

The Solar Energy wall does not have to be as efficient as a solar energy plant, it just has to produce enough energy to eventually pay for itself since a conventional wall will just be an expense. 

As for a Solar Energy wall being easier to disassemble, damage, or even steal the panels, two things to consider. Embedding GPS markers in the panels could prove a strong deterrent to stealing the solar energy wall panels, and because the wall will be easier to damage than a conventional wall, anyone attempting to scale or damage the wall will be hit with some type of financial liability as well, something less likely to happen with a more conventional wall.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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