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Friday, June 9, 2017

Team Trump's most significant lie about the James Comey June 08, 2017 hearings, and Donald Trump Jr Slam Dunk Tweet, that wasn't.

Comey's leaking of documents through another party happened 3 days AFTER Donald Trump tweeted that Comey had better "hope" there were no audiotapes of their private meetings. Team Trump pounced on the Comey leaking as if it proved that James Comey was culpable of leaking classified documents and therefore possibly indictable.

Yet it was Trump's innuendo about tape recordings of their meetings, implying they would prove Comey a liar, that was the root cause of Comey's leak. It appears that Mr. Trump "HOPED" that by implying there were audio recordings of his meetings with Comey, that Comey would back off.

Funny how that works, sometimes when Trump HOPES, it apparently means back off, but then other times when Trump "Hopes", we are to believe there was no implied order. How convenient for Donald Trump. 

But then again, when does No mean No to someone like Donald Trump. It stands to reason that hope does not mean hope, but means expect, as in an expectation. I'm pretty sure that if Donald Trump says "I hope I get two scoops of ice cream with my pie", he has an EXPECTATION of getting two scoops of ice cream with his pie.

Trump's use of the word HOPE goes down as one of the biggest litigious cannards, ever. The use of the word Hope can masquerade for the word Expect, but in a court of law, the word hope could probably not be viewed to mean "expect", the perfect anti litigious Scam. Donald Trump has invented the perfect escape word for himself, Hope, and he's never gonna Change.

Donald Trump Jr may have had the tweet of the century, but it was for completely missing the mark…
"I'm pretty sure that Comey's testimony put his own "character" on trial. Leaks, admitted weakness, Lynch double standard. Come on now".
Lets go through Donald Trump Jr's tweet point by point.  The leak. As stated above, was only done after Donald Trump publicly impugned Comey's character and the FBI's character as well. Or do we continue to live in a world where Trump punches, and everyone else simply takes a step back? Admitting a weakness, as Comey did when he felt intimidated by Mr. Trump, is not a weakness. However,  posing with slain exotic animals from canned hunts in which the animal is drugged so it poses no threat before it is shot is a pretty fucking big weakness, no?

Lynch Double Standard, are you kidding me? Lynch never mentioned that both Trump and Sanders were either under investigation, or that the FBI was looking into a "matter" regarding either candidate during the 2016 race. Only Hillary Clinton was "mattered".  When do we ever get the media to ask, Why was Hillary Clinton publicly mattered, while Trump and Sanders were being privately mattered.

Team Trump's knee jerkiness tweet responses that fall well short of victory that are then self adrenalized into "in the moment" victories, which are then followed by cries of crucifixion to their supporters, is a recipe DailyPUMA can do without. 

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