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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Republican Elitist Financial Hammer already strikes, Credit Scores are dropping even though consumers haven't done anything wrong.

Ok, the sample size is small. But two people close to DailyPUMA saw their credit scores mysteriously drop over the past couple of weeks. One credit score went from 811 to 761, literally overnight, with absolutely no change or delinquencies of any kind being added to their report!  

The other person had one of their credit card limits cut from $1,750 to $500 dollars even though they had actually paid off the card several months earlier and had never been late on their credit card payments and no new delinquencies of any kind had accrued. The credit card had been sitting at zero balance for a few months! In turn, their credit score dropped because of the credit line reduction, not as much as the first example, but it still dropped around 15 points.

What could be the cause of falling credit scores? Perhaps Rising Fed Interest rates and the coming reduction in MediCaid that will adversely affect 10's of millions of Americans may be the reason. But hey, the Fed will benefit, so that apparently makes it ok with Donald "two scoops for me" Trump. 

While Trump talks about bringing back jobs to America even though the jobless rate has been decreasing for several consecutive years, his plan to hack up MediCAID will mean literally tens of millions of Americans will have to make the difficult choice of what to do about a parent, child,  relative who is aged, disabled or impoverished, that is currently being helped by the MediCAID system presently in place.

MediCAID appears to be a multi faceted issue that the one dimensional Trump and the Republican politicians appear unable to deal with. When Americans WITH JOBS can no longer work because they must now become an unpaid caregiver, or will continue to work but now have the added burden of paying out of their own pocket for PRIVATE healthcare for their own loved own, the Donald "two scoops for me" Trump income tax reduction will look ridiculously pale in comparison for those tens of millions of Americans who have a conscience about how their aged and disabled parents, children or relatives are being treated.

Donald "two scoops" Trump may just not have the vision to see what he is about to do to millions of WORKING Americans whom he has clumped in with some illegals who may be receiving some type of MediCAID. If Donald "two scoops" Trump can't split the MediCAID baby, apparently he will just throw it out with tax cuts that won't actually match the level of home healthcare savings that MediCAID presently achieves.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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