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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Why Conservatives are not worried about Michael Flynn's Foreign Activities.

DailyPUMA heard this on a conservative radio show several days ago. Michael Flynn was vetted during the Obama administration, twice.  Check out what Politifact has to say about the Michael Flynn situation. 

Apparently Mr. Spicer has also said the same thing recently about Michael Flynn. DailyPUMA is concerned that the ongoing liberal media eagerness to see Donald Trump fail is causing the liberal media to incorrectly stack their accusations and beliefs upon some previous beliefs that may not be as accurate as the liberal media would like them to be.

Doesn't it look like Barack Obama was bamboozled or at the very least disrespected by Michael Flynn? Once this is all sorted out what was once an allegedly clear victory against Trump could completely reverse into how duplicitous was the Obama administration in not vetting people they had given clearances to?

DailyPUMA suggests giving a little listen every now and then to conservative radio just to see if what they are saying that the national media is not saying, actually comes to fruition.

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