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Monday, May 1, 2017

Donald Trump's "We've been trying to dump ObamaCare for the Past 7 Years" BattleCry makes no sense.

Why is Donald Trump including the three years of ObamaCare that happened prior to the 2012 election as years that the Republicans have "struggled" to end ObamaCare? If DailyPUMA recalls correctly, Barack Obama handily won election in 2008 which would mean the first three years of ObamaCare protests by Republicans, all prior to Barack Obama's 2012 re-election, DO NOT COUNT. 

After ObamaCare was passed under Obama's first term,  ObamaCare was not repealed in 2012 when all the Republicans had to do was defeat Barack Obama in the presidential election, which they did not.

ObamaCare continued for four more years after Obama's presidential re-election. So to count the first three years  after Obama's first election, or the additional four years of ObamaCare after Obama's re–election, as a Republican struggle to repeal ObamaCare is alternative math in its rawest and crudest form.

Has anyone in the media called Mr. Trump on his use of what can only be called inane, or alternative math?  

In other numbers, the alleged seven year struggle to get rid of ObamaCARE as Donald Trump repeatedly claims has actually been about a 90 day struggle to get rid of ObamaCare. Oh wait, perhaps Donald Trump's illogically perceived 7 year struggle in Trump Years is actually equivalent to a 90 day struggle in the Trump Time Machine. When Donald Trump talks about a 7 year struggle to take down Obama Care, he actually means a 90 day struggle.

There has been seven years of Republican dislike regarding ObamaCARE that was TWICE outvoted by those who wanted ObamaCare. From DailyPUMA's point of view, Donald Trump does not have the jurisdiction to call seven years of popular support for ObamaCARE as a seven year fight to repeal it, that goes against what the United States is all about, which is the majority rules, except when it comes to the popular vote.

Now when do you reporters DO YOUR JOB and challenge Mr. Trump's statistically fantastical view over how long the actual fight to repeal ObamaCare has really been?

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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