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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Does Russia control the U.S. weather?

DailyPUMA is simply throwing the Mother nature, Mother Russia theory out there for people to think about. 

Several years ago a Weather Channel on air talent quit to investigate if Russia had learned how to manipulate certain aspects of the weather such as how low pressure systems and high pressure systems move. (upon further review DailyPUMA discovered the name of the person is Scott Stevens, who seems to be caught up in several rogue ventures all at the same time. Even though Mr. Stevens seems to be on the edge, DailyPUMA believes it is possible to manipulate low pressure cells and high pressure cells). 

What if Russia had been able to divert low pressure systems away from California that can typically bring rain to California?

Perhaps now that Trump is president, might Russia rather give more rain to California and the U.S. to help buttress Trump's claim that global warming is not real? DailyPUMA can personally attest to the COUNTLESS times Los Angeles area weather forecasters would explain that a low pressure front would be missing Southern California, Probably hundred times DailyPUMA heard this during the last couple years of the California Drought.

But then October 2016 happened, and it most definitely started to rain in Southern California, eventually almost destroying the Oroville Damn Run off system in Northern California. Perhaps Russia's real goal was to help Texas, but to help Texas they had to also help California. Donald Trump would have fallen short of having enough electoral college votes if he had lost Texas. Texas apparently had some intense flooding after having been through a severe drought as well.

The October 2016 timing of California's remarkable improvement in weather came at a crucial time for the Trump 2016 presidential campaign. The rain in California made Global Warming seem less likely. California proceeded to have the most rain then the State has had in either 50 or 100 years. Although most of the rain came after Trump was elected, a significant amount came in October, 2016, well before the November 8, 2016 election. The October 2016 rains could have helped convince voters that Global Warming is a hoax, aka, no drought, no Global warming, and therefore Donald Trump was right.

Perhaps helping Donald Trump is not enough reason to change the U.S. weather patterns, perhaps Russia producing the most petroleum in the world in 2016, is. Apparently Petroleum is considered the number one or number two reason for global warming, so ending a drought is a good way to numb concern about global warming.

So, if Trump is removed from office, will we feel the wrath of Mother Nature, perhaps aka Mother Russia?

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