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Friday, April 7, 2017

Remember when the Republican Fake Newsers were outraged because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refused to credit the Terrorists for the Attack on Benghazi?

The Republican media machine, and those infested Hillary Clinton Derangmeent Sydrome, were outraged when both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refused to credit the terrorists for their attack on a Benghazi outpost several years ago.

The Democrats  blamed a video for the Benghazi attack. In the real world, this is known as deflection so that the Terrorists are not credited with a "victory". Unless of course one is a demented Republican operative who only cares about damaging the Democrat President and his Secretary of State. Encouraging and energizing terrorists is but a pointless sidebar issue when it came down to the Clinton Derangement Syndrome traitorous neanderthal's desire to harm the reputation of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump just ordered an attack against a Syrian Army Base that allegedly launched Sarin Gas via missiles. What did the Russians say in response? 
The Russian military said only 23 of 59 cruise missiles reached the airbase and it reported that six Syrian jets were destroyed, according to PA. Earlier, Russian media reported that nine planes were destroyed in the strike, but that the runway remained relatively unscathed.
Gosh, imagine that, the Russians have reported that LESS than  half of the missiles launched from a U.S. battleship reached their target, and that the U.S. was incapable of  even making a dent in the runway. 

See how that works, the under reporting of damage done is just a common practice among countries who suffer some type of injury in an attack. Unless of course, it is the Republicans basically committing treason by questioning the military tactic of raising false flags to demoralize ISIS under a democrat presidency.

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