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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Democrats Cheering over the Wrong Stuff as Mario Lopez hosts segment on Bill O'Reilly.

DailyPUMA happened to catch the beginning of the TV show EXTRA the other night when the lead story was the firing of Bill O'Reilly. The irony was the Celebrity Host for the segment was Mario Lopez.  

DailyPUMA has read accounts that Mr. Lopez was one of the biggest hound dogs in his younger days as a Lead on the TV Show Saved by the Bell, and apparently, long after. and based on his autobiography, long before. Mr. Lopez admits in his own autobiography to losing his virginity at age 12, and it appears he doubled down going forward in his teens and early 20's, and apparently beyond that.
Lucky for Mr. Lopez the Internet was not around back in the 80's to chronicle his advances on many many young woman who simply wanted to make their mark as an actress on Saved by the Bell and perhaps had to deal with his advances as well.

So what is the connection to Bill O'Reilly besides Mr. Lopez hosting the segment? The Progressive way of thinking is, the uglier the man, the uglier the deed. A handsome man could do the exact same thing as a less attractive man, and Progressives would literally forgive the handsome one and then double down on the not so handsome man. This is why DailyPUMA believes in the superiority of a moderate democrat movement. The Moderates would treat both people equally.

Will Mario Lopez ever face his 80's demons, and apparently those that may have followed him well beyond his 80's? If Moderates were in charge, possibly, with Progressives in charge, probably never, because Mr. Lopez is probably a democrat, and physically handsome by most accounts.

Conservatives see someone like Mario Lopez hosting a segment on Bill O'Reilly's ouster and they just shake their head at Hollywood's double standard, and hold on even harder to someone like Donald Trump, whom they believe is the anti Hollywood candidate.

DailyPUMA asks when do we see Democrats celebrating actual successes rather than Republican failures?

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