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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Debunking the Claim by The Federalist Papers that Hillary Clinton Won California but lost the rest of the country by a 62% to 38% margin.

The Federalist Papers just can't throw out 55 electoral college votes for Hillary Clinton and then say that Hillary Clinton did poorly in the rest of the country, it's sheer lunacy and disingenuous.

The Federalist Papers simply forgot to do the other half of the equation in their quest to prove a mathematical point. The Federalist Papers forgot to REMOVE 55 Electoral College Votes from the Trump States that had the highest winning percentage for Trump, afterall, that is EXACTLY what they did with Hillary Clinton's numbers.

DailyPUMA did the calculations and found the top 9 Republican states with the biggest percentage of votes for Trump that also equaled California's 55 electoral college votes.

So what happens we throw out the 9 Trump states with the largest winning percentage and electoral college vote total of 55? Although Hillary Clinton's total popular vote margin of victory dropped by 1.16 million votes, Clinton still remained far ahead of Trump in the popular vote by 1.7 million votes.

So when California is removed from Hillary Clinton's electoral college total and from her popular vote total, and Donald Trump's nine largest winning percentage states that also equal 55 electoral colleges are removed from his electoral college total and popular vote total, Hillary Clinton still wins the popular vote in the remaining 40 states by 1.7 million votes. 

The Federalist Papers has put out a ridiculous and misleading claim when they state their 62% to 38% claim.
"But, but, what if we subtracted California AND New York, then Donald Trump would be more popular"…lets do the math there as well.
We now remove New York's 29 electoral college votes and the next three Republican states with the widest percentage of votes for Trump, and that also equal 29 electoral college votes. We get New  York with 1,701,118 popular vote lead for Hillary Clinton minus 1,351,981 votes when the three Republican states with the largest winning percentage that equal 29 Trump Electoral College Votes are added together. Thus Trump gained approximately 350,000 votes against Hillary Clinton's total popular vote.
When California and New York popular total votes are subtracted from Clinton's popular vote total, and when Trumps 12 largest winning percentage state popular vote totals that also equal the exact same number of Electoral College Votes as California and New York, are then subtracted from Trump's popular vote total, Hillary Clinton still wins the Popular vote by 1.3 million votes in the remaining 36 states.
So screw you The Federalist Papers for fabricating a 62% to 38% margin of victory from every state not named California, your math was basic cherry picking 101, pure and simple, and your results were completely misleading. 

Hillary Clinton WON the popular vote over Trump by 1.7 million votes when California and a equivalent number of Republican victories in the states with the highest winning Trump percentage and equivalent electoral college vote of 55 are removed. 

When California and New York are removed from the Clinton win column and a corresponding number of electoral college votes from the largest winning percentages from the Trump State victories are also removed, Hillary Clinton still wins the popular vote by 1,350,000 votes in the remaining 36 states.

If we reverse engineered The Federalist Paper's argument, Clinton supporters could make the following claim, "If Donald Trump had not won Texas, Trump would have fallen short of the 270 delegates needed to win the presidency. So, if we throw out Trump's biggest win, Texas, not only does Trump not win the presidency, but Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead swells to 3.73 million votes".

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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