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Monday, April 3, 2017

DailyPUMA is asking CBS and the NCAA to Rebroadcast the 2017 NCAA Women's Final Four O.T. Thriller between UConn and Mississippi State during Prime Time.

Near the end of this day you will get a chance to see the NCAA Mens 2017 basketball Championship final between North Carolina and Gonzaga on CBS, during what is known as prime time.

DailyPUMA believes that the NCAA Women's 2017 Final Four Basketball game featuring 111 game winning streak UConn vs Mississippi State should be rebroadcast during prime time on a major channel such as CBS. The final four match-up between UConn and Mississippi State was originally broadcast on a Friday evening on ESPN 2. The game turned into an all time classic that went into overtime and also featured a last second shot in overtime to end UConn's 111 game winning streak.

Unfortunately, Democrats are spending so much time being angry at Donald Trump that they have missed a perfect opportunity to engage Middle America in one of several areas where it counts, Sports. 

DailyPUMA has stated in the past that Healthcare Advocate Hillary Clinton and her perceived lack of physical fitness will most likely derail any future attempt of hers at becoming president. But along with that, DailyPUMA thinks that all of the Female Democrat Leaders who are trying to break the glass ceiling are completely out of the loop when it comes to both physical fitness and sports in general, and Women's Sports in particular. 

While Hillary Clinton drafts yet another speech for another public speaking event, yawn, make that a double yawn, UConn and Mississippi female basketball players played the game of a lifetime. But the game was to some degree buried on ESPN 2. If you didn't have cable, you could not see the game on your television unless you figured out a way to stream it. There are tens of millions of impoverished voters who get FREE HD TV via their antenna set-up, not one of them got to see the UConn vs Mississippi game via their antenna because ESPN or ESPN 2 is not on Free TV, but CBS is. DailyPUMA would not be surprised if Donald Trump picked up 75% to 80% of the FREE TV audience vote for 2016 presidential election.

A crafty, in tune Democrat Party, especially the Women in Leadership positions who proclaim to represent all women and the future of women, should have been asking CBS and the NCAA to rerun the UConn vs Mississippi basketball game in prime time on CBS. The very next night, Saturday Night, might have been the perfect encore night if it could have been squeezed around the Men's final four contests. However, with reruns coming soon to CBS, any prime time night in the very near future would be an acceptable alternative.

I am willing to bet that all the self appointed female leaders of the Democrat Party, Pelosi, Clinton, Warren, are completely clueless about sports and thusly not only did not have the idea to suggest to CBS and the NCAA to rebroadcast the UConn vs Mississippi State overtime final four thriller in prime time on CBS, they also don't have the proper consultants who are truly connected with Middle America to alert them to such a positive idea and proactive idea for all women, and men to.

This is why for every woman the Democrat Party loudly and proudly represents, there is another woman who is put off by the Democrat Leadership talking a good game yet being so out of touch with what would connect them to Middle America.

No Democrat who is attached to Hillary Clinton has ever asked DailyPUMA's opinion on anything, even after DailyPUMA's 8 years worth of topics which culminated with DailyPUMA's Oct. 27, 2017 prediction that Hillary Clinton could win the popular vote by 1% but lose the electoral college vote, and therefore needed to reach out to Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

DailyPUMA is asking CBS to pick up the ball and rebroadcast the UConn vs Mississippi State 2017 Final Four game in the very near future, and to broadcast the game in prime time and give it the pomp and circumstance this particular game richly deserves. Until CBS rebroadcasts the UConn vs Mississippi State 2017 Final four game in prime time, we will continue to be bombarded by the overhyping of men's sports while female sports continue to play a distant second.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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