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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lets All Respond in Shrill, Outraged Tones at anything the present Administration or Fox News does or says.

At first DailyPUMA was really offended by Bill O'Reilly's comments about Maxine Water's hair. Then, in the second, DailyPUMA was still offended at O'Reilly's apology in which O'Reilly giggled while he was giving his alleged apology. 

From what DailyPUMA has heard, a female African American's hair is no laughing matter. DailyPUMA recalls hearing a discussion about AA Hair on television and the fear of getting AA hair wet, especially after one has gone to a hair salon and gotten a specific hairdo. So from that perspective, Bill O'Reilly's comments reveal a complete lack of empathy or understanding of what African American women go through when it comes to what they do with their hair, and what they do AFTER they get the hairdo they want, to keep that hairdo intact, or why they may avoid a hair salon altogether and just use a wig instead.

But DailyPUMA also wants to point out that millions have made fun of Donald Trump's hair. 

So then the argument becomes, "but Bill O'Reilly used the hair comment to disparage and dissuade Maxine Water's message while she was making an important political point". And that probably is a distinction with a difference. 

However, by not recognizing that Donald Trump's hair has been made fun of over the years, Democrats may come off as shrill complainers who don't even recognize when those they criticize have gone through the same treatment they now complain about when it happens to a democrat.

This is another example of a Trump Trap. Lets make fun of Maxine Water's hair and watch the same democrats get outraged who over the years have laughed it up whenever a Donald Trump hair joke was made.

The same could be said about Elizabeth Warren when she was shut down for wanting to read from a 30 year old letter written by Martin Luther King's wife, about Jeff Sessions. Once again, the same democrats who would fight to the death to not have a women's past be used against her to defile her present day character (such as in a rape trial), give no ground when Republicans stop a 30 year old letter from being used against a person who has had 30 years to possibly change or augment their own behavior.

Is responding to everything the present administration or Fox News does in a shrill, outraged perspective going to eventually backfire? Or is everything the present administration is doing so outrageous that incredulity continues to rule the day?

The one solid thing that has resulted was Maxine Water's reaction, in which she basically shrugged her shoulders at Bill O'Reilly and simply refocused on the issue at hand.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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