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Friday, March 3, 2017

Donald Trump has a Conflict of Interest Issue when it comes to curbing the EPA.

Regarding the EPA, Donald Trump, You can't gut this.  

If Donald Trump cuts EPA funding or regulations in any way, Trump basically risks a conflict of interest charge regarding his business relations with China. 

China struggles with making U.S. EPA compliant products on a daily basis. I can attest that I have noticed a foul smell that permeates at least some products that are made in China that are black in color. Be it fabric, plastic, or metal, if it is black in color and made in China, it possibly has a foul odor. Put another way, if that same product was same in the exact same way in the U.S., that product would possibly be sanctioned, augmented or rejected until whatever was causing the foul smell was fixed.

If Donald Trump rescinds any part of the present EPA regulations, he makes it easier for China to pass EPA inspections. This can only be seen as a quid pro quo simply because Trump has business interests in China.

Trump would be better off maintaining EPA policy and simply enforcing that China follows the same policy for any product they plan on importing into the U.S.

By lowering EPA standards, Donald Trump catapults China much closer, or into suddenly being compliant regarding future products they plan on importing into the U.S.  

Ironically, Lowering EPA standards will make China MORE Competitive with U.S. Manufacturers, who will still face legal action for production methods and products that are known to cause cancer.

If Donald Trump has any debt or business dealings with China, rescinding the EPA, or weakening the EPA, becomes a conflict of interest because China benefits if EPA regulations are relaxed. I have read that presidents cannot be accused of conflicts of interest, I doubt that applies to the trading of the health and welfare of U.S. citizens so a president's Chinese / International business dealings thrive.

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