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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Donald Trump Changes name of Meals on Wheels program to Meals on Wings.

In a sign of camaraderie and compassion for the American people, Donald Trump has revived the "Meals on Wheels" Program. 

Allegedly overheard by a leaker, Mr. Trump has decided that as long as the Wheels on Meals also have Wings, then the bigly renamed "Meals on Wings" Program should be permitted to continue.

Trump Saves the "Meals on Wheels" Program, which will now be called the "Meals on Wings" Program for Billionaires who eat fast foods on their Private Jets.

Mr. Trump broke wind on the new "Meals on Wings" Program aboard his Private Jet, where he enjoyed the first "Meals on  Wings" dinner. 

Mr. Trump hopes all Billionaire Private Jet Owners will take advantage of the newly created "Meals on Wings" Program as a way for Billionaire Private Jet Owners to show solidarity with the American People.

Some Trump Supporters are calling the "Wheels on Wings" Program a Modest Proposal. Ironically, some of Trump's Detractors are also calling the "Meals on Wings" Program a Modest Proposal as well.

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