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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cannonfire with Explosive Revelation, Hillary Clinton had the Power to DeClassify anything, therefore the entire Email Scandal was a Scam.

Quoting Cannonfire… 

"The "illegal leak" bit is a reference to the Obama "tapp" claim. The counterargument here would be that Trump has the authority to declassify anything he likes. 

You know who else had the authority to declassify material (within her department)? Hillary Clinton. Thus, even if she had sent messages containing classified information -- which she did NOT, despite Mike Pence's recent repetition of that false claim -- so what? She had the authority to declassify. " - End of Quote.

DailyPUMA hinted at the same concept last year but did not make it in such a clear and concise manner. DailyPUMA's point was that the sending of any email by Hillary Clinton can only result in an investigation if the email information is either intentionally sent to someone who then acts on the information for the singular purpose of personal gain, or the info is used to damage the U.S., AND the S.O.S. had to know that that was the intent of the intel they were sharing.

DailyPUMA also made the point that the sending of email could simply be a ruse to fool others that might be trying to hack info from the U.S., that the FBI was actually the entity giving out classified intel by claiming that all email transactions are 100% truthful, and if the FBI knew that all email transactions are not necessarily truthful, then the FBI falsely investigated Hillary Clinton by conveniently forgetting the possibility of false intel being transmitted via email for the purpose of tricking prospective hackers.

DailyPUMA also made the point that Hillary Clinton, as a woman, had a smaller circle of independent female thinkers who had worked as S.O.S. accessible to her than if she had been a man, and by now ostracizing her over basically nothing, aka attempting to have her own inner circle people to learn from, it was sexism at play because if Hillary Clinton had been a man, she would have had a much bigger pool to pick from. 

An SOS cannot take all of their enrichment from the FBI and the President, they need to have some level of independence so that they can present outside the box thinking, and for that, the Male dominated political system made Hillary Clinton pay.

And therein lies the irony of Cannonfire's premise, Hillary Clinton was fourth in line from the presidency when she was Secretary of State, since when do we allow underlings to have status over the Secretary of State? Imagine owning a donut shop and the head chef fires you for giving away a recipe of theirs that is not even going to a rival! The chef has other options available to them, they can sue, or they can quit, or ask for a raise to compensate the loss of intellectual property, but they cannot fire the owner. Hillary Clinton was the owner, but being in a male dominated echelon, the males were able to keep her off balance regarding this salient point, and Hillary Clinton had no female inner circle to draw upon.

In the TV Show, "Castle", there is an episode in which Kate Beckett, (played by Stana Katic) is interviewed for the position of Commander of her precinct. The interview goes horribly as she is basically "manhandled" by the men interviewing her. She walks out of the meeting basically petrified, then suddenly she has a revelation, comes back into the interview room, and basically tells the men to eff off. It turns out that was the test, to see if she would cowtow to the male establishment, or not. By not cowtowing to the male establishment, she proved her mettle and was awarded the promotion to commander. wow.

Unfortunately, if Hillary Clinton had had the "balls" to tell everyone to fuck off, that she was fourth in command and an underling cannot have supremacy over her, the media would have gone nuts and declared her a power hungry bitch. It would have taken Hillary Clinton having her own media channel to defend her for her to have fought back in the manner that she should have fought back.

Meanwhile, we now have a power hungry super bitch in the oval office who is declassifying everything in sight even after condemning Hillary Clinton by convincing his "Gullibles" that it was illegal for her to do back then what Trump is now doing at supersonic speed.

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