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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Snowden Effect and Hillary Clinton's Emails.

Assuming Russia has access to Edward Snowden's stolen NSA information, what if Russia was able to discover that there were secret agent moles in high Russian places? Rather than simple removing the moles immediately, what if Russia sat on the Russian Mole information and instead started giving out disinformation to the newly discovered Russian moles, actually keeping them in the loop, but in a controlled, disinformation manner?

What if the FBI or CIA, concerned that their Russian moles had been comprised, but unsure, came up with the Hillary Clinton email scandal in an effort to keep the media narrative off of the issue of compromised Russian Moles and onto something that was actually much more mundane?

What if Russia then used their ongoing relationship with Donald Trump and simply started feeding him intel obtained through Snowden's stolen NSA information?

Could the entire 2016 presidential race have been a spy vs spy motif in which the FBI uses Hillary Clinton's emails to subvert discussion about more serious matters while Russia shares their secret intel with Trump, feeding Trump secrets and leaking DNC email in an effort to ensure his 2016 victory?

Was 2016 the year of a Spy vs Spy presidential race? Cannonfire suggests that Trump is in trouble with U.S. intelligence and believes that Trump or persons within his administration gave up several moles within the Russian Government once Trump became president.

Or did those moles outlive their usefulness once Trump was elected president since both Trump or people within his inner circle, and Russian intel already knew they were moles?

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