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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Clintons at the Crossroads.

The rift within the Democrat Party (yes, its democrat, not democratic, and gasp, DailyPUMA heard the democrat vs democratic take on Rush Limbaugh's show several years ago, the one time every six months DP listened to him) could produce a second Trump term. Already Progressives are bandying about names for 2020, Biden, Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to name the frontrunners.

The problem is Clinton Supporters may not take kindly to Hillary Clinton not being given another chance in 2020, IF SHE IS UP TO IT.  

DailyPUMA would probably vote Trump over Sanders in 2020, since Sander's prolonged screeds against Hillary Clinton in 2016 damaged her just enough to make her vulnerable to the on going fake news attacks she endured. 

Plus, Sanders had a way of publicly supporting Hillary Clinton while using body language that seemed to say "what a tragedy that I did not win" even as he was supporting Hillary Clinton.

There are several things the Clintons should do if Hillary Clinton wants to run again in 2020. 
  1. The first is for Hillary Clinton to get in bad ass shape. I mean run a half marathon shape, or at the very least, exercise on an elliptical exercise machine for half and hour to 45 minutes and be able to do a phone interview at the same time. The jury is out as to why Hillary Clinton was never shown being physically active during the 2016 campaign. Surely Hillary Clinton's personal videographer must have suggested some type of millennial recognized and approved physical activity, no?
  2. Hillary Clinton needs to stop being seen in all the right places and instead focus on Jimmy Carter style of social interaction. Use Clinton Foundation opportunities and meld into the U.S. and into the red states with projects that help people and communities.
  3. Debunk the fake Clinton Derangement Syndrome news stories. Explain Haiti. Make documentaries that show why several policies from the 90's were the best move for that time period.
  4. Fund documentaries that will establish the success of the 90's. 
  5. Learn to not fall in love with the perfect 30 second political ad and instead learn to blitz the opposing side with literally dozens upon dozens of political commercials.
  6. Start a Clinton Media Channel.

If the Clintons don't initiate some of the preceding suggestions and somehow Hillary Clinton gets another chance in 2020, she may lose again to Donald Trump because she will just come off as an even older version of the same candidate who isn't physically fit enough to handle being president. 

If Hillary Clinton does not run in 2020, Donald Trump may win again as it will take a mere 10% of the Clinton voters from 2016 to protest and either stay out of the 2020 race or vote Trump out of spite to the inevitable 2020 Democrat Progressive Candidate.

If Hillary Clinton takes some of the suggestions outlined above, and shows up in 2020 physically fit, she would still be a viable presidential candidate.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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