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Friday, February 3, 2017

Reason Number 6 why we need a Clinton Media Channel, Exposing the Trump Trap.

Donald Trump appears to be creating parallel universes from which he can bounce back and forth from in an effort to make his supporters believe he is protecting them, even when Trump Policies may likely make his billionaire friends wealthier. DailyPUMA calls it the Trump Trap, in which the public views Trump's actions as pro middle america when they first and foremost benefit Trump's billionaire buddies.

Mr. Trump probably believes that slowing down migration intake into the U.S., both legal and illegal, is protecting U.S. Citizens from migrant terrorists, drug cartels, along with donor recipients being prioritized over U.S. Citizens. 

Mr. Trump might also believe slowing down Foreign migration coming to the U.S. may also help slow down Foreign Students from first taking enrollment opportunities from U.S. Citizen Students, then enabling those same foreign students to use their education to take high paying U.S. Jobs from U.S. Citizens. But the parallel Trump Trap truth is that most of Trump's policies will create obscene wealth for the top 1%. 

The Trump Trap allows Trump to take actions that help his billionaire friends while simultaneously looking like they are actions being taken to protect American Citizens from Foreigners. The Trump Trap creates the appearance that Trump is protecting American Citizens from a Migrant Invasion and that those rabidly opposed to Trump are part of the problem as well, whereas Trump detractors see Trump's actions as a con designed to give his own billionaire club untold future riches.

Without a Clinton Media Channel to identify the Trump Trap strategy, Progressive Democrats are running the risk of creating enough backlash from their rabid early hate of any action that Trump takes. This may cause Trump to be seen as a hero by his very loyal supporters as he fights against all odds to preserve economic opportunities for americans. 

Without a Clinton Media Channel to innovate better ideas than what Trump is supporting, Democrat Moderates are blindly following the wrath of the Democrat Progressives who in turn create a backlash of stronger and stronger support of Trump from Trump supporters. Trump may only need to swing 10% of his detractors by next election to win re-election.

Is Hillary Clinton's next gambit, writing a book? 

DailyPUMA was incensed by many of the accusations thrown at the Clintons from the Sander's camp during the 2016 democrat nomination race. But one thing that I am concerned about, it seems as if Hillary Clinton is attracted to high paying gigs either on Wall Street or through book deals more so then other options open to her.

Perhaps one critical difference between the Clinton's and Trump is how they use their lawyers. DailyPUMA's theory is that while Trump uses his lawyers for economic gain and has apparently filed over 4,000 lawsuits prior to running for president, perhaps the Clintons forage for money wherever they can get it in the event they need to hire lawyers to defend themselves from generally malicious shot in the dark lawsuits.

But this would just be another reason to start a Clinton  Media channel in which the Clintons put their ideas, their experience, their intelligence and their vision out in full view so the masses can actually become passionate Clinton supporters, rather than fans who can manipulated by rapidly changing social media winds.

DailyPUMA would like to point out that everything is more interrelated and complicated then is being currently portrayed by the mainstream media, which can't seem to get beyond documenting the protestors and into the core issues regarding both migration and illegal immigration.

Below is a list of questions regarding migration and illegal immigration that the media has not been able to focus on and address because of the constant protests against Trump  they are instead following, aka the Trump Trap.
  1. Do Foreign Students take away college enrollment positions from U.S. Citizens?
  2. Do Foreign Students from wealthy families spoil U.S. colleges into charging higher tuition to all? 
  3. Does Foreign Student enrollment subsidize U.S. College Enrollment costs for U.S. Citizens?
  4. Do Foreign Students who remain in the U.S. steal jobs from U.S. Citizens, or do their innovations create even more job opportunities and more than make up for the jobs they acquire?
  5. Is the U.S. actually stealing the brightest and best minds from other countries and then further enriching itself when those minds become working, Naturalized Citizens in the U.S.?
  6. Are other countries losing their best students to U.S. colleges and gaining no benefit once those students matriculate and stay in the U.S.?
  7. Is it true that newly immigrated or illegally immigrated residents cause U.S. citizens to wait longer before receiving an organ transplant?
  8. Do U.S. citizens share state & federal funding programs with newly immigrated or illegally immigrated residents, in some instances causing U.S. citizens to be denied state and federally funded programs because funds have dried up?
  9. Is it possible that educated immigrants are a huge plus to the U.S. economy and basically offset any potential negative costs that uneducated, illegal immigrants might be creating?
  10. Was NAFTA really a disaster, or did it just need some tweaking as time went by?

A Clinton Media channel could tackle migration and illegal immigration questions and issues head on and in the process establish itself as the moderate liberal position that the MAJORITY of citizens in the U.S. clamor for.

Once the above ten scenarios are explored, the Clinton  Media Channel could then address the U.S. role in providing guns and armament to  the Middle East that could be one of the ongoing reasons that the region is so destabilized.

But then there's that book deal Hillary Clinton has to tend to. 


I am curious if Donald Trump's family or friends of Trump have benefited from Foreign Doctors and Physicians who are now Naturalized Citizens.

                     Click here to go to above website. Click on Image to Enlarge. Add three zeros to the number totals on each line when reviewing the above graphic.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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