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Friday, February 10, 2017

Reason Number 7 Why we need a Clinton Media Channel, ZERO Shares for One Week Old Clinton Foundation Press Release written by Bill Clinton, Millions of Supermarket checkout line views for latest Globe News Clinton Hate Headline.

Zero Shares for a Clinton Foundation Press Release one week after it was written and released by Bill Clinton, Zero Shares?  
                  Click Image to Enlarge

The RSS feed for Bill Clinton's Foundation article is listed in two different columns on Daily PUMA with an average audience of 350 to 400 visits every day. So not even Clinton loyalists feel it important to share it on their facebook page. Wow.

Meanwhile, Back at Globe Magazine, MILLIONS saw the following headline in their local supermarket checkout line.

Click Image to Enlarge
DailyPUMA was probably the only one to flip the Globe Ragazines around and show the backside of this fake news story at their local supermarket. Zero Shares for a Bill Clinton press release, millions of views at the local supermarket line regarding fake news about Hillary Clinton.

DailyPUMA warned about the corrosive effect the National Enquirer and Globe Magazine would have during the 2016 election yet the Clinton campaign did nothing to combat it.

Trump would never tolerate this type of treatment without having his own response outlet, and he became president.  

Perhaps the Clinton's are just too tired and defeated to fight back because of their own health issues. Perhaps they never learned how to truly delegate authority. Maybe they are too focused on making money rather than preserving their legacy via a Clinton Media Channel?

If you feel personally hurt about what happened to Hillary Clinton, why doesn't Hillary Clinton feel it back by at the very least defending the Clinton record of the 90's since that is what was twisted upside down and backwards by the Progressives to shut her up during the campaign. Rather than the Clintons be thanked for programs from the 90's that worked, the progressives rewrote history during the Sanders campaign and the Progressive media backed them  up. Clintons popularity, which had been at an all time high prior to Bernie Sanders, slowly sank over a several month period of time.

The Progressive backlash about the 90's probably influenced Hillary Clinton not to go to Wisconsin, spend more time in Michigan, and avoid certain  unions from other blue collar states that she lost support from because of the distorted and incorrect view of NAFTA. The unions who should have been supporting the Clintons would have supported Hillary Clinton her if NAFTA had been properly vetted by a Clinton Media  Channel, which unfortunately continues to not exist while the Clinton's slowly drift into the distance.

But hey, at least Donald Trump forgave Hillary Clinton for being a nasty and horrible woman, at least she has that to fall back on. (that was snark for those who don't get it.)

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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