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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Reason Number 12 why the Clintons should create their own Media Channel, The Inaugural Boycott,

John Lewis inadvertently started an unplanned but growing boycott of the Trump Inauguration. Lewis's main reason was how the election was stolen from Hillary Clinton by the second James Comey letter AND the FBI not notifying anyone from the Democrat Party for a YEAR that they were being hacked!

However, it was Trump's Twitter response to Lewis which got the Democrat boycott going. So even tough Mr. Lewis was boycotting out of respect to Hillary Clinton and the illicit method's used to treasonously steal the presidency from her, the boycott message has been altered to Trump insulted Lewis. The problem with that meme is that Trump supporters can correctly state that "Lewis started it".

See what a mess gets created when democrats rely on MSNBC and CNN and other media to shape the Inaugural Boycott meme?

Hillary Clinton does not get the credit for the democrat boycott of the Trump Inauguration as a sign of respect, but she may get blamed for any inappropriate protesting that may occur. Snowball anyone?

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