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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Change Dot Org Five Million Signature Petition asking Electoral College Electors to Change their Vote from Trump, a Fail being spun as a Victory by the Petition Creator.

DailyPUMA contacted Daniel Brezenoff, the creator of the almost 5 million signature petition on Change dot org (a petition that was asking the Electoral College Electors to change their vote away from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton), asking that he encourage his petition signers demand that James Comey answer certain questions at a press conference before the Electoral College Electors voted.

DailyPUMA even created an article and a Change dot org petition with the 14 questions Mr. Comey must answer before Electoral College Electors Vote, and sent Mr. Brezenoff the links. Mr. Brezenoff, a Bernie  Sanders supporter during the primaries, only responded to my original request to submit my idea to him. After that, DailyPUMA never heard back nor was DailyPUMa's Facebook friend request acknowledged.

For those of you who think Mr. Brezenoff is a Hillary Clinton supporter, DailyPUMA's own opinion is that he is a Sanders Supporter who wants to hold on to his almost 5 million petition signers so he can at a future date enlist them to vote for Sanders in 2020. His Petition may be just another instance in which what appears to be a grand gesture on Hillary Clinton's behalf is really not that at all. DailyPUMA just can't believe the Clintons are that obtuse when it comes to political media and how the media is not their friend and never really has been.

If the Clinton's don't get involved in political media, the democrats will probably lose in 2020 to Trump or any other Republican presidential candidate as the democrat party splinters between Biden, then an independent pretending to be a democrat named Sanders, a prominent african american candidate, and Hillary Clinton supporters who won't forgive or forget.

DailyPUMA begged Mr. Brezenoff to message his almost 5 million petition signers and demand that James Comey answer questions before the Electoral College Electors voted, but he was either not interested in that idea or did not read it on his facebook page where the message was left a week or more prior to the electors voting. DailyPUMA thinks the Electoral College Petition movement was a failure simply because Comey is THE reason that Hillary Clinton lost the election and Mr. Brezenoff never conveyed that message to  his followers.

However, Mr. Brezenoff is still claiming victory? Hillary Clinton actually lost by a BIGGER Electoral College margin because of Brezenoff's petition, yet Mr. Brezenoff is trying to champion his petition as a win. DailyPUMA stayed quiet but hopeful that the Brezenoff Petition was a penetrable brick wall that would consider outside ideas through private channels. That brick wall proved not to be made of glass, that is for sure.

DailyPUMA believes the loss of votes for Clinton because of Comey’s "second email letter about nothing" 10 days prior to the election, when the final 10 to 20% of voters were making up their minds is UNPRECEDENTED.

Clinton not only got ZERO percent of the final 10 to 20% of the voters casting their votes, she actually went backwards, the catalyst being Comey’s second letter and then The FBI twitter account suddenly activating with tweets praising Trump’s father and other tweets slamming the Clintons, triangulated with Trump calling illegally calling Clinton a criminal on a daily basis to top off the deceit.

Letting Comey off the hook from answering any questions about what he did and why he did it, then allowed the republicans to simply view the Electoral College petition and the Russia Hacking protests as sour grapes.

DailyPUMA just don’t understand how the populist political petitions are the ones that don’t follow the logical events needed to make their petition successful. The Electoral College petition might have actually been successful if the almost five million members had pressured James Comey to hold a press conference where the press actually asked hard hitting questions. Comey most likely would have muffed his answers and that might have actually created a torrent of media focus on why Comey manipulated the presidential race to Trump.

DailyPUMA's own petition, demanding that James Comey answer specific questions before the Electoral College Electors voted, may have only gotten 480 signatures, but in DailyPUMA's heart it was the correct next step BEFORE the Electoral College Petition would have a chance to succeed.

Instead Comey has been let off the hook and in turn the Electoral College Electors STOOD strong, posting an even bigger Electoral College differential between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump versus if the Electoral College petition had never existed.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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