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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Senate 2017 HealthCare Bill Proposal Ignores the 300 billion dollars in Yearly Consumer Interest Rate Payments on Credit Card and Student Loan Debt as a Source to Help Fund Healthcare for the Poor.

It seems that both parties in Congress are content and satisfied that over 50 million Americans have either or both credit card and Student Loan Debt totaling 2.2 trillion dollars.  Each year, these 50 million Americans, most of them middle class to very poor, pay at least 300 billion dollars in Interest rate charges on their Credit Card and Student Loan Debts.

There is also a interest rate charge on old debt called Zombie debt that may total billions of dollars a year in interest payments on debt that never goes away.

DailyPUMA asks one simple question, how much of that 300 billion dollars a year in interest rate payments would Congress need to "envelop," aka balance out MediCAID and the 2017 Healthcare Bill?  

What if 150 billion dollars of that 300 billion dollars per year in consumer interest rate payments would remove the MediCAID cuts to the elderly and disabled and allow the 2017 HealthCare Program to break even? 

How come Congress never declares its own interest paying citziens forever trapped in debt, as being in a crisis situation?  If Congress annexed 150 billion dollars of the 300 billion in interest rate payments made by consumers to their credit card and student loans, that would be the equivalent of 750 dollars per each of the 22 million insured who apparently will lose their insurance.

Now, instead of an 800 billion dollar tax cut for the wealthy, what if that were reduced to 300 billion dollars over the next several years. That extra 500 billion dollars could be apportioned towards MediCAID over the next several years. Perhaps that increases the 22 million uninsured to $1,250 to $1,500 dollars a year in monies generated by the consumer themselves. What if the government matched that amount. Now we are up to $2,500 to $3,000 dollars per year of premium coverage above and beyond whatever premiums are then charged for Healthcare. 

Isn't apportioning half of the 300 billion dollars in yearly interest rate charges that consumers pay to the Banks better spent going towards resolving the health care crisis  than further impoverishing more and more Americans?

Keep in mind that MediCAID expansion can actually cut healthcare costs since home health care, a key component of MediCAID. is always cheaper than any other type of health care. 

So when does the 2017 Congress declare Healthcare Coverage enough of an emergency and priority that they raid half of the 300 billion dollars a year in Consumer Interest Rate Payments and then match it? Can Americans trust Congress to watch out for them when all Credit card and Student Interest Rate Charges, no matter how high, are deemed  untouchable and more important than the souls who make the payments on that debt?

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Republican Party Greatly Benefited in 2016 from Religion, Professional Sports, Supermarket Tabloids, & James Comey, aka the October Surprise of 2016, even though all four are supposed to be "Separated" from playing Political Favorites.

A Prequel to the October Surprise of 2016. Special 9/11/2016 Globe Edition seen by tens of millions of Supermarket Customers as they wait in the check out Line. Doesn't The Front Page look like Donald Trump and his inner circle created it? Perhaps Trump won't release his Income Taxes because it will show business relationships with both the Globe and the National Enquirer.

October 3rd, 2016 Globe begins the October Surprise against Hillary Clinton.

Click Here to Watch CBN's Oct. 14, 2016 Eviseration of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. They actually accused Hillary Clinton of wanting to remove 300 million guns from gun owners!  Separation of Church and State-1???

Oct. 24, 2016, Globe makes false claim that Hillary Clinton has been "Destroyed" even though Hillary Clinton was holding a steady lead over Donald Trump.
Click Here to Watch CBN's Goading of "Christians" to vote or face the consequences? It's important to note that Graham basically states that the character of the president does not matter, what matters most is which political party will select the next Supreme Court Justice.  Oct. 28, 2016 Separation of Church and State-2???

And then there was Sheldon Andelson AND Chicago Cubs owner Joe Rickets and the Super Pac Future 45 delivering over 25 million dollars for Attack ads against Hillary Clinton around Oct 30, 2016, just two day after Comey's second letter to Congress. The attack ads, in DailyPUMA's opinion, bordered on insanity, but were probably very effective.

The Second Comey Letter came out on Oct. 28, 2016, a couple of days before Sheldon Andelson actually committed his 25 million dollar Future 45 Pac Donation that created anti Clinton commercials for the final week of the campaign. Without the Comey Letter, it's possible that Andelson does not make his donation.

Don't Sports Franchises have special rights so they are Impervious to Congressional Oversight? Isn't there supposed to be a Separation of Sports and State as well? The Cubs went to the World Series, played seven games, and won the Series, giving Chicago a huge influx of Revenue. The Cubs were already in the World Series when Andelson actually committed his 20 million dollars. If the  Cubs had not made the World Series, it is very possible that Rickets and Andelson tamp down their donations by tens of millions of dollars. 

Should not this level of political tampering by a sports business entity that has no congressional oversight, worthy of an FBI investigation?

While Congress goes after Russian interference, what about the role of Religion, Professional Sports Owners, Tabloid Journalism, and James Comey in the 2016 Presidential Election?

Without Comey's second letter to Congress 10 days before the 2016 Presidential Election, there may not have been a deluge of fake stories and Andelson's 25 million dollar donation to a lost cause.

Lets us not forget that James Comey, as head of the FBI, could not find one thing to investigate Donald Trump over during the entire 2016 Presidential Campaign while twice publicly defiling Hillary Clinton over emails to nowhere at a point in the campaign in which without Comey's second letter, possibly Andelson does not make his massive last second donation that triggered 25 million dollars in Clinton attack ads.

(This article to be updated in the near future with more October Surprises, because there were a LOT of them).

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Republicans could make the Democrat Party instantly Implode in 2017 by doing this one thing.

All Donald Trump has to do to implode the Democrat Party is to give them a choice…."You can either have Sanctuary Cities and a significant cut in MediCAID, or no Sanctuary Cities and a slight raise in MediCAID going forward".

KaBoom goes the Democrat Party.

So why doesn't Trump not offer such a delicious method of watching the Democrat Party go up in infighting flames? Either he's too obtuse to see this scenario, OR, the Republican party is trying to forestall the inevitable fight between Democrat Moderates and Democrat Progressives that is likely to happen either in 2018 or 2020. The longer the Republicans can stall the inevitable Democrat "in party Fighting", the longer it will take the Democrat Party to recover.

Why is DailyPUMA giving such a morsel to the Republican Party? Because suppression of a discovered weakness simply makes the inevitable discovery at a much later date that much more devastating. Better to focus on the scab now then try to pretend there is no scab.

As for the Wall, the Wall, if ever constructed, should be a see through wall. Whether that means Plexiglass, Shatter proof glass, Acryllic, or some type of metal webbing that can be seen through, being able to see through the wall could lower the cost of border security by 50% or more. If we can't see through the wall, then there will be less time to react to an intrusion.

Why not make the wall out of Solar Energy Panels? Would that not pay for the wall over time?

Trump could offer to make a Solar Energy Wall and give 2 million illegal immigrant exceptions for the Democrat Party to use as they see fit. 

Trump keeps trying to hammer his view of everything as if the entire country is with him, and that delusion is one that neither party is embracing. Trump's apparent lack of give and take when negotiating seems to increase on a daily basis, and his lack of desire for creative negotiating saddens DailyPUMA.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Trump seems incapable of Gratitude, otherwise he would be Grateful the Media has given him a pass on his Navy Destroyer being T-Boned by a Slow Moving Frigate.

DailyPUMA has already witnessed Trump on a Navy Destroyer talking about how he was going to make the U.S. military great again. How new Navy Destroyer's would be built at billions of dollars per Destroyer. DailyPUMA doesn't like it when its own Navy Destroyer's are destroyed by Slow Moving Frigates, do you?

DailyPUMA previously made the suggestion to invite Kim Jong Un as an honorary member of NATO (This would be like having a ongoing Visitors Pass but no ability to vote or visit the sub committees) in which Jong Un would be allowed to speak at each get together, and in exchange for this inclusion, he would dismantle his nuclear program. 

So what has transpired since DailyPUMA made the North Korea as an honorary member of NATO? A severely damaged battleship that was worth billions of dollars, at least 7 dead personnel, a dead student named Otto Warmbier who was sent back to the U.S. from North Korea in a coma from which he died a week later without gaining conscience, and, no real progress, unless we consider Dennis Rodman visiting Kim Jong Un, Progress.

DailyPUMA has given the solution, one that gives Kim Jong Un an out after the jettisoning of most of his economic fuel in a nuclear research rage to gain the West's attention, just as Lieutenant Commander Spock jettisoned the fuel in the space shuttle so that it too would send out a distress flare.

So what is it is Mr. Trump, eventual annihilation of a lot of people either on the West Coast, Japan, or in North Korea, or coming up with an intellectual solution, such as awarding Kim Jong Un Honorary NATO Status?

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Hillary Clinton apparently doesn't feel her followers pain as Trump once again falsely assails her on Twitter

Hillary Clinton appears more focused on giving speeches, DailyPUMA presumes for a fee, or writing a book, DailyPUMA presumes for a really big fee, rather than feeling the pain her followers felt everytime Trump made a false and lying accusation about Hillary Clinton during and after the campaign. 

Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to get that at some point, one has to fight back against Trump's Bullying and inaccurate tweets. There may be some honor in taking a blow or two from a bully, but when the bully keeps coming back, a new approach must be tried. Otherwise we can just assume Hillary Clinton is going to spend the next couple of years collecting speaking fees and book writing fees, and feeling sorry for herself, when she could be using the Clinton Foundation to work on projects in the Red and Rust belt States, the people she basically ignored during the 2016 campaign, (most likely due to medically related issues she had to overcome while still campaigning), an also doing cardio, which would then allow Hillary Clinton to invalidate the tiresome Trump Bullying Tweets towards her.

DailyPUMA believes Hillary Clinton ran a heroic campaign in 2016, but it would not have been necessary if she had physically prepared from 2013 to 2016. DailyPUMA believes that Bill Clinton erroneously advised Hillary Clinton to lay low from 2013 to mid 2015 and just be a happy and adoring grandmother to Chelsea Clinton's child. However, Mr. Clinton obviously did not encourage Hillary Clinton to get in cardio shape, and to consider Clinton Foundation Red State and Rust Belt State projects to work on. Hillary Clinton seems to be holding on the misguided belief that words alone can make one victorious. As people age, they either cause people to look away as their physical fitness deteriorate, or they can be inspired if the elder person is physically fit.

If Hillary Clinton were working on Red State and Rust Belt State Clinton Foundation projects, and if she were cardio fit, she could begin to belittle Donald Trump every time he writes another stupid twitter feed. Instead Hillary Clinton takes what she delusionally believes is the high road, which is to ignore Trump. At some point, a bully needs to be bullied back by someone who can convincingly do it. Right now, in her present state, Hillary Clinton cannot do that.

DailyPUMA is concerned that if Hillary Clinton does get cardio fit within the next year, her health will deteriorate to the point where Donald Trump will be able to say, "and you wanted "that" to be president for four years".

220 days after the 2016 Election, Trump goes after Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton apparently does not feel the pain her supporters feel every time Don Two Scoops Trump verbally assaults her. This disconnect is something Bill Clinton apparently understood better because when Bill Clinton said "I feel your pain", he understood what he was talking about. 

If Hillary Clinton truly felt the pain of her supporters, she would get in tip top cardio shape and begin using the Clinton Foundation to work on Foundation projects in the Red States and the Rust Belt states. Then in time, she could begin giving it back to Trump in a way that would make her supporters proud.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Republican Elitist Financial Hammer already strikes, Credit Scores are dropping even though consumers haven't done anything wrong.

Ok, the sample size is small. But two people close to DailyPUMA saw their credit scores mysteriously drop over the past couple of weeks. One credit score went from 811 to 761, literally overnight, with absolutely no change or delinquencies of any kind being added to their report!  

The other person had one of their credit card limits cut from $1,750 to $500 dollars even though they had actually paid off the card several months earlier and had never been late on their credit card payments and no new delinquencies of any kind had accrued. The credit card had been sitting at zero balance for a few months! In turn, their credit score dropped because of the credit line reduction, not as much as the first example, but it still dropped around 15 points.

What could be the cause of falling credit scores? Perhaps Rising Fed Interest rates and the coming reduction in MediCaid that will adversely affect 10's of millions of Americans may be the reason. But hey, the Fed will benefit, so that apparently makes it ok with Donald "two scoops for me" Trump. 

While Trump talks about bringing back jobs to America even though the jobless rate has been decreasing for several consecutive years, his plan to hack up MediCAID will mean literally tens of millions of Americans will have to make the difficult choice of what to do about a parent, child,  relative who is aged, disabled or impoverished, that is currently being helped by the MediCAID system presently in place.

MediCAID appears to be a multi faceted issue that the one dimensional Trump and the Republican politicians appear unable to deal with. When Americans WITH JOBS can no longer work because they must now become an unpaid caregiver, or will continue to work but now have the added burden of paying out of their own pocket for PRIVATE healthcare for their own loved own, the Donald "two scoops for me" Trump income tax reduction will look ridiculously pale in comparison for those tens of millions of Americans who have a conscience about how their aged and disabled parents, children or relatives are being treated.

Donald "two scoops" Trump may just not have the vision to see what he is about to do to millions of WORKING Americans whom he has clumped in with some illegals who may be receiving some type of MediCAID. If Donald "two scoops" Trump can't split the MediCAID baby, apparently he will just throw it out with tax cuts that won't actually match the level of home healthcare savings that MediCAID presently achieves.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Comey claims that Trump was not under Investigation during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, how is that even possible?

Apparently James Comey confirmed that Donald Trump was not under investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign. Would not James Comey have needed to do some type of pre-investigation to ensure that Donald Trump did not need to be investigated?

The list is pretty long of possible pre-investigations involving Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, Bribery, Fraud, Income Tax Evasion, Income Tax Evasion for the purpose of using evaded funds to run for president. Donald Trump claiming products were either made by Trump when they were not, or made in other countries while implying they were Made in America. None of these issues were at least pre-investigated by the FBI? 

The press conference after Trump won the Michigan Primary featured an insane attempt to claim that several non-existent Trump products were made by Trump, and presently viable products, when that was a falsehood. That was not worth the FBI investigating? Are you effin kidding me?

The Democrats have massively screwed up by giving James Comey a pass on what happened DURING the 2016 presidential campaign and instead focusing on Comey now. Wow.

If the Democrats succeed in anything against Trump that occurred AFTER Trump took office, it will just make Trump look like a martyr to his Gullibles. If however, Comey is found to have basically screwed over Hillary Clinton and the democrat party during the 2016 presidential campaign (Comey is a Republican), then that gives more cause going forward that the Democrats were not treated fairly.

As it stands right now, jumping ahead to attack Trump right now gets Comey off the hook and also distracts from upcoming legislation that includes silencers for assault rifles and on a State level a healthcare bill that will decrease home healthcare funding by a Billion Dollars in the State of Ohio.

Home Healthcare is the one leg of healthcare that actually reduces overall healthcare costs AND allows millions of americans to choose to either continue working rather than quitting to do home healthcare themselves, or actually being paid a very modest amount to become a home healthcare giver. Either scenario produces a win for EVERYBODY, including the Taxpayers!

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Beware, Republicans and Trump using Comey Circus to sneak by horrible Healthcare Reform.

Apparently Republican Senators are preparing to stealthfully vote on a crazy health care plan that is so inane it does not understand that MediCAID expansion regarding home healthcare would actually REDUCE overall healthcare costs.

Is Donald Trump purposely engaging the media and enflaming democrats over the James Comey matter so that less attention is paid to his healthcare plan that is stealthily working its way through the Senate behind closed doors? It sure looks like it. 

Republicans plan on sneaking through a Senate vote on HealthCare Reform before July 4th, 2017 so they can then somehow equate jettisoning 23 million poor people from affordable healthcare as a victory for America, Apple Pie, and fireworks. Republican politicians truly believe the poor can work themselves out of poverty and if they can't, they probably are here illegally. The insanity of this position is that literally tens of millions of americans are held in place because they provide some type of healthcare for a parent or child, they are tethered.

The same party that demands abortion be eliminated plans on aborting tens of millions of impoverished people who are tethered to another person in need of home healthcare.

Issues more important than James Comey, Russia, and Russia's involvement in the 2016 election process include how come there was no investigation of Trump or Sanders in 2016 prior to the presidential election when both had checkered behavior worthy of FBI investigation. 

Obviously the 2017 Republican healthcare act being stealthfully readied for a pre July 4th, 2017 vote is a far bigger issue than anything about Comey. Comey is a LOSER in every way. Every way. The loser could not come up with even one issue to investigate either Trump or Sanders during the 2016 presidential campaign? What a jackass!

The fact that James Comey had no Trump or Sanders investigations in the works during the 2016 presidential campaign are reason enough to not give a gob about the fool.  

The present situation reminds DailyPUMA of the Judge Judy TV show. One of the gripes Judge Judy has is when people show up who are lovers, family, or co renters, and they are trying to blame each other so that both parties can profit.
Example, one party sleeps with the other, they break up, then suddenly the spurned lover wants back rent. Judge Judy laughs at those types of cases and throws them out of her court. This is a similar scenario, we have a former republican FBI head who is airing his dirty laundry in public and Democrats being fooled into thinking something is going to come of it.

What is happening is attention is being shifted away the Healthcare Reform of 2017 until it is too late. I don't know who is in on this scam but once again, it reminds me of the screen pass in football in which the opposition so blindly rushes the quarterback they fail to see the opposing offensive lineman has let them pass so they can run downfield to block as the gentle pass is floated over the rabid, hard charging democrats and into the arms of a running back, who goes for a really long gain as a result.

It's really a shame that Democrat politicians seem to have less knowledge about sports than their Republican counterparts, because their present rabid state of affairs is going to cause an insane Healthcare Act to be enacted that will adversely affect millions of Americans.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Why did John McCain Go Insane when Questioning James Comey?

Just google "Why did John McCain Go Insane when Questioning James Comey". Oh, DailyPUMA already did it for you.

DailyPUMA was going to post a transcript of John McCain's rather illogical griping that Hillary Clinton got away with a slap on the wrist in 2016 from James Comey.

Is McCain serious? Does McCain not comprehend that Comey's second letter just 10 days before the November 8, 2016 presidential election most likely cost Hillary Clinton the election?

Why did John McCain flip over to the guy who insulted McCain's five year prison stay by stating "I like heroes who don't get caught", or some similar nonsense.

McCain's public disdain for Trump seems to have mellowed. It would not surprise DailyPUMA if Donald Trump has hinted at additional funding for Arizona if they vote for his wall.

McCain had an amazing chance to prove he is a Maverick by asking Comey why Hillary Clinton was publicly investigated by the FBI while Trump and Sander's FBI files remained mysteriously locked during the 2016 campaign. 

Too bad Hillary Clinton did not ask McCain to ask those questions, but then again she has commencement speeches to give and book conventions to attend to hype her next book. Gasp.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Team Trump's most significant lie about the James Comey June 08, 2017 hearings, and Donald Trump Jr Slam Dunk Tweet, that wasn't.

Comey's leaking of documents through another party happened 3 days AFTER Donald Trump tweeted that Comey had better "hope" there were no audiotapes of their private meetings. Team Trump pounced on the Comey leaking as if it proved that James Comey was culpable of leaking classified documents and therefore possibly indictable.

Yet it was Trump's innuendo about tape recordings of their meetings, implying they would prove Comey a liar, that was the root cause of Comey's leak. It appears that Mr. Trump "HOPED" that by implying there were audio recordings of his meetings with Comey, that Comey would back off.

Funny how that works, sometimes HOPE means back off, but then other times we are to believe, it does not. How convenient. But then again, when does No mean No to someone like Donald Trump. It stands to reason that hope does not mean hope, but means expect, as in an expectation. I'm pretty sure that if Donald Trump says "I hope I get two scoops of ice cream with my pie", he EXPECTS to get two scoops of ice cream with his pie.

The use of the word HOPE goes down as one of the biggest litigious scams ever. The use of the word Hope can masquerade for the word Expect, but in a court of law, the word hope could probably not be viewed to mean "expect", Scam, Scam, Scam. Donald Trump has invented the perfect escape word for himself, Hope, and he's never gonna Change.

Donald Trump Jr may have had the tweet of the century, for completely missing the mark…
"I'm pretty sure that Comey's testimony put his own "character" on trial. Leaks, admitted weakness, Lynch double standard. Come on now".
Lets go through Donald Trump Jr's tweet point by point.  The leak. As stated above, was only done after Donald Trump publicly impugned Comey's character and the FBI's character as well. Or do we continue to live in a world where Trump punches, and everyone else simply takes a step back? Admitting a weakness is not a weakness, although posing with slain exotic animals on canned hunts in which the animal is drugged so it poses no threat before it is shot is a pretty fucking big weakness, no?

Lynch Double Standard, are you kidding me? Lynch never mentioned that both Trump and Sanders were either under investigation, or that the FBI was looking into a "matter" regarding either candidate during the 2016 race. Only Hillary Clinton was "mattered".  When do we ever get the media to ask, Why was Hillary Clinton publicly mattered, while Trump and Sanders were being privately mattered.

Team Trump's knee jerkiness tweet responses that fall well short of victory are thn self adrenalized into "in the moment" victories, which are then followed by cries of crucifixion to their supporters. 

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

James Comey, June 08, 2017 Testimony will most likely ignore pertinent questions about issues that occurred BEFORE Nov. 8, 2016.

The Sham against Hillary Clinton continues. One would think that with Donald Trump openly lying when he wrote "that on three occasions Comey had stated that Trump was not under investigation", that the issue of whether or not the FBI was investigating Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders during the 2016 campaign remains the really big white elephant in the room that continues to go unobserved.

Once again the Democrat party gets fooled and schooled by the classic "Screen Play" in football. The Screen Play is when the quarterback drops back in the pocket as his blockers apparently do a poor job blocking and just as the defenders run past the blockers, the quarterback lobs an easy pass over the oncoming defender's heads and the Quarterback's receiver, with the blockers who let the defenders past them, run alongside the receiver to block the remaining defenders upfield.
The Democrats so want to prove that Donald Trump did something worthy of impeachment they will ask no questions that may sully the reputation of their new hero, James Comey.
Yet the question needs to be asked tomorrow, June 8, 2017, of Mr. Comey. 
Was Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders under FBI investigation during the 2016 presidential race? 
If the answer is yes from Comey that Trump and Sanders were also under investigation by the FBI, then the follow up question becomes... 
Then why was Hillary Clinton the only major presidential candidate that was worthy of publicly rebuking, twice? 
If the answer is...
"No, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were not under investigation in 2016 by the FBI", 
then Misogyny and Sexism was quite alive and thriving in 2016, and James Comey loses some credibility. DailyPUMA hopes someone will stand up for Hillary Clinton tomorrow and ask these questions of James Comey. 

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

National Enquirer, Globe Magazine, and Donald Trump, Just How many BackChannels does Donald Trump Have?

Does Donald Trump have a backchannel to the National Enquirer and Globe Magazine? Does Donald Trump possibly consult with the National Enquirer and Globe Magazine regarding their Headlines? Every now and then, the anti-Clintoin or Pro Trump headline wording on a National Enquirer and Globe Magazine, seems to sound like a Donald Trump Tweet.

DailyPUMA's believes the National Enquirer's headline  regarding Megan Kelly is off the charts Misogyny. Notice the not so subliminal hint she may be a secret lesbian, Trump has tussled with lesbians in the past such as Rosie O'Donnell. Coincidence?

And the Globe is not to be outdone.

Don't the following Headlines sound like a Donald Trump tweet? Does Donald Trump have a backchannel to either or both the National Enquirer and Globe Magazine?

The Most recent Globe headline…More escaping by Hillary Clinton...

If you are an alleged Hillary Clinton supporter, have you ever flipped these outrageous headlines onto their back cover while waiting in the checkout line?

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

DailyPUMA wonders how an Islamic Terrorist is being defined.

How is the media verifying that those committing acts of public terror are Islamic Terrorists?  Saying one is an Islamic Terrorist does not mean one is an Islamic Terrorist.

In DailyPUMA's opinion, an Islamic Terrorist would be a frequent practicer of the Islamic faith. The Islamic Terrorist would pray frequently, presumably several times a day, and would attend their local mosque on a regular basis.

All DailyPUMA is asking is that all terrorists not first be labeled an Islamic Terrorist, then verified at a later date, no matter who is taking credit for an act of terror.

If it turns out that a Terrorist is indeed a Practicing Islamic, and a Terrorist, then call them an Islamic Terrorist. If however, the Terrorist is simply a rogue entity, or one falsely claiming to belong to a religion when they do not keep up with what is considered that religion's norm, then come up with a new name, one that no Terrorist group can take credit for.

How about calling a terrorist a "Supplicant" instead. "The attack was carried out by three Supplicants. Suddenly no terrorist group can take real claim for an act of terror. If later on the Supplicant's are found to be practicing Christians, Catholics, or the Islamic faith, then come up with a more accurate term.

Lets not feed the Terrorists, er, Lets not feed the Supplicants.
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Donald Trump misuses statistics he cites from the National Economic Research Associates to justify withdrawing from the Paris Climate Treaty.

DailyPUMA wonders if anybody in the media has even bothered to read the National Economic Research Associates report that Donald Trump refers to below.
"Compliance with the terms of the Paris accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025, according to the National Economic Research Associates.

This includes 440,000 fewer manufacturing jobs -- not what we need. Believe me, this is not what we need -- including automobile jobs and the further decimation of vital American industries on which countless communities rely -- they rely for so much, and we would be giving them so little.

According to the same study, by 2040, compliance with the commitments put into place by the previous administration would cut production for the following sectors: paper, down 12 percent; cement, down 23 percent; iron and steel, down 38 percent; coal, and I happen to love the coal miners, down 86 percent; natural gas, down 31 percent."

Donald Trump seems to be cherry picking his statistics in a way that needs to be rebutted. The idea of a more efficient economy is that less equals more. As SOLAR ENERGY usage increases, Of COURSE coal production would drop. Trump does not mention that petroleum production is UP. So between Solar Energy and an increase in Petroleum production, the U.S. is doing fine when it comes to energy creation.

As automobiles become lighter and more economic to run, Of COURSE iron and steel production will decrease. The internet has allowed for massive recycling of EXISTING parts for cars from the last 50 years, this too has allowed less steel to and iron to be needed.

Paper usage is down because of the internet and emails, is that really so hard to understand? 

As for coal miners, apparently Trump loves his coal miners with lung cancer and shorter life spans than the average American. Message to Trump, the idea is to move as much mass as possible with the fewest amount of energy and use of original raw resources. 

Trump also fails to acknowledge that the other reason for the reduction in mining of coal, steel, iron, natural gas, paper is because of Rare Earth materials. Rare Earth Resources allow for everyone to have smart phones, which is the EXACT reason why the use of all other resources have been reduced.

People can now use their smart phones to PINPOINT what it is they are trying to do, or where they are going to go, and how they are going to get there, and this has created a concept called, efficiency. To blame the reduction in raw materials on the Paris Climate Accords is somewhat idiotic. 

If Trump really wanted to help his Basket Full of Gullibles, he would INCREASE MediCAID home healthcare jobs funding, and Trump would create a program to help americans reduce their credit card debt by reducing the interest rate charges on accumulated credit card and student loan debt while rewarding those who kept lowering their overall debt load.

One other thing that DailyPUMA does not understand, how does America opting out of the Paris Climate Accords actually reduce the amount of ongoing development that growing industrialized nations will be allowed to do?

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hillary Clinton still doesn't get it…"Hillary Clinton: 'I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost'.

DailyPUMA is so exasperated with Hillary Clinton and her followers who protect her from the truth. Hillary Clinton was probably our best presidential choice in 2016, but what hurt her chances to win was she did not properly prepare during the prior four years when she was not working, thus leading to her inability to fight back against charges of bad health, and greed.

Just what was Hillary Clinton doing during those four years from 2012 to 2016? Was she helping out with Clinton Foundation projects in the U.S.?  Nope.

Was Hillary Clinton doing any type of cardio to keep in tip top physical shape?  Nope.

Hillary Clinton is making excuses she does not need to make.

Was Hillary Clinton being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per Wall Street Speech to Investment companies who are despised by many?  Yep.

Was Hillary Clinton regularly enjoying the finer things in life, like sugary coffee drinks and her favorite form of alcohol whatever that might be?  Apparently yep.

That's why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, too much greed, too much indulgence, not enough working hard, as in literally helping on Clinton Foundation projects in the U.S, or actually being able to conduct an interview while exercising on an elliptical.

DailyPUMA witnessed multiple men talking smack about Hillary Clinton as if they had nothing to fear. Nothing would have pleased DailyPUMA more than to see Hillary Clinton punch one of the bad mouther's in the nose. Except that it takes a person who regularly achieves an endorphin high from exercise to understand the idea that when a fellow politician disrespects them in public, it's not such a bad idea to intimidate them in real life.

During the 2016 prime time television season, TWO different young girls, one a pre-teen actor, the other a young female teen, both solved a problem by punching a male in the nose. DailyPUMA believes this may have been a subliminal reaction to the no fear attitude filthy mouths like Donald Trump and Louie Federet projectile vomited towards Hillary Clinton. 

Will someone close to Hillary Clinton PLEASE WAKE HER UP! Quit focusing on public speaking, quit being videotaped way too comfortable in a seating position, as was the case at the recent tech conference she spoke at,  quit talking about a book you are going to write, and get out into the REAL WORLD and do something physical. Get in shape. I mean get in cardio shape. Hillary Clinton has been around male dominated politics for so long she has lost sight that many successful men in politics actually spend some of their spare time working out.

If Hillary Clinton had been in fine cardio shape in 2016, she could have lobbed one liners on a daily basis at Donald Trump over his belly and lack of physical fitness. Instead, we actually had to witness a SNIFFLING Donald Trump challenge Hillary Clinton to a drug test prior to one of the debates, and Hillary Clinton simply ignored the request, she backed down because she was not in shape.  And, at Hillary Clinton's age, continued abstinence from real cardio will soon lead to thickening ankles, a sign that the heart is weakening even if her mind stays strong. 

There is a humility to exercise that cannot be replicated by the brilliant minded and the wordsmith's amongst us, including Hillary Clinton. Sometimes, it really is just about how well one who professes to be about health care, is actually physically fit, one who cares about young people, the poor, the aged, actually goes into society and proves it via the Clinton Foundation.

DailyPUMA still believes Hillary Clinton could be a viable presidential candidate in 2020, but it will take starting now to go into society via the Clinton Foundation projects, and at the very least, also becoming physically fit.

I would love to hear a reporter ask Hillary Clinton, "Are you physically fit? Once again, just as when no reporter had the presence of mind to ask James Comey before the 2016 Presidential Election if the FBI was also investigating Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, a question that might have instantly taken away the email controversy once and for all, no reporter now will ask Hillary Clinton if she is physically fit or why she doesn't help on U.S. projects regarding the Clinton Foundation.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Does Russia control the U.S. weather?

DailyPUMA is simply throwing the Mother nature, Mother Russia theory out there for people to think about. 

Several years ago a Weather Channel on air talent quit to investigate if Russia had learned how to manipulate certain aspects of the weather such as how low pressure systems and high pressure systems move. (upon further review DailyPUMA discovered the name of the person is Scott Stevens, who seems to be caught up in several rogue ventures all at the same time. Even though Mr. Stevens seems to be on the edge, DailyPUMA believes it is possible to manipulate low pressure cells and high pressure cells). 

What if Russia had been able to divert low pressure systems away from California that can typically bring rain to California?

Perhaps now that Trump is president, might Russia rather give more rain to California and the U.S. to help buttress Trump's claim that global warming is not real? DailyPUMA can personally attest to the COUNTLESS times Los Angeles area weather forecasters would explain that a low pressure front would be missing Southern California, Probably hundred times DailyPUMA heard this during the last couple years of the California Drought.

But then October 2016 happened, and it most definitely started to rain in Southern California, eventually almost destroying the Oroville Damn Run off system in Northern California. Perhaps Russia's real goal was to help Texas, but to help Texas they had to also help California. Donald Trump would have fallen short of having enough electoral college votes if he had lost Texas. Texas apparently had some intense flooding after having been through a severe drought as well.

The October 2016 timing of California's remarkable improvement in weather came at a crucial time for the Trump 2016 presidential campaign. The rain in California made Global Warming seem less likely. California proceeded to have the most rain then the State has had in either 50 or 100 years. Although most of the rain came after Trump was elected, a significant amount came in October, 2016, well before the November 8, 2016 election. The October 2016 rains could have helped convince voters that Global Warming is a hoax, aka, no drought, no Global warming, and therefore Donald Trump was right.

Perhaps helping Donald Trump is not enough reason to change the U.S. weather patterns, perhaps Russia producing the most petroleum in the world in 2016, is. Apparently Petroleum is considered the number one or number two reason for global warming, so ending a drought is a good way to numb concern about global warming.

So, if Trump is removed from office, will we feel the wrath of Mother Nature, perhaps aka Mother Russia?

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Now we may understand Jill Stein's role in ruining Hillary Clinton's chances, and Stein's role in the Three Recounts.

Based on the photo below that comes with the Mother Jones article you can find here

now it becomes clear to DailyPUMA why Jill Stein wanted those silly recounts which Trump's lawyers then cut off at the knees with an overwhelming amount of objections. The biggest scam about the recount was if the recount vote total in a precinct was different from the prior, already established vote total, then the original vote count would remain valid!

So basically, if one wants to screw up a Presidential Election and has figured out how to change, alter, subtract or add votes to gin the vote for a specific candidate, all one would have to do is then add in a few more uncounted votes into the voting box, thus ruining the validity of ANY recount! 

So why would Russia want recounts? Perhaps to cover their tracks?  Jill Stein (pictured in the photo with the Russian diplomats and politicians) asks for the recount (and where did all that money come from so fast to pay for the recount, will we ever know?), then Trump's lawyers simply ask to disqualify the recount vote if the vote totals don't match the original vote total, thus burying the talk of voting inaccuracies that never seemed to match the polls. 

Another reason the pre-election polls may have never matched up more closely in certain states was that people went to vote only to find they were not on the voter rolls because they had moved, something that may have happened more often in predominantly democrat precincts. Considering that 45 governors out of 50 were Republican, gerrymandering voting qualifications cannot be ruled out.

Remember how Hillary Clinton did not want the recount but was dragged into it, then disparaged by Fox News and other conservative media types, perhaps that too was part of a plot to further discredit her.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

DaiyPUMA suggests U.S. should Offer North Korea Special NATO Status.

If North Korea agrees to end its nuclear weapons program and disarm, the U.S. should offer North Korea special NATO status, one in which North Korea could attend NATO meetings, speak at NATO meetings, but not be allowed to vote on NATO issues. Involving North Korea in NATO would give North Korea the stature they are in search of and presently think can only find by launching weapons. Speaking at NATO would be huge for North Korea as it would allow North Korea a method for creating a connection, and possibly commerce for their country.

In exchange NATO would agree to protect North Korea in the event North Korea is ever attacked and did nothing to provoke the attack. 

While there could remain the threat of North Korea becoming a "double agent" and reporting what goes on at NATO to both Russia and China, that could be defused by not allowing access to the sub committees of NATO where raw data is analyzed. Once a final decision is made, North Korea would simply be privy to the information before it is made public. DailyPUMA does not see any other way short of assassinating the North Korean leader, but even that approach would not guarantee disarmament.

Keep your friends close and… see if common ground can be achieved with non friends, after all, that is what our government expects of its own citizens.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Fun Game to play. Can anyone remember why Bill Clinton was Impeached?

I can't remember why Bill Clinton was impeached, can you? 

Something about the Republicans demanding that Bill Clinton admit to a private, consensual affair that he did not even initiate, even though the affair had nothing to do with anything other than to embarrass and destabilize his presidency, which was actually an act of treason by Kenneth Starr and the Republicans that went un prosecuted.

Yet Trump thinks he is the most harassed president, everrrr? Heck, Trump falsely harassed Hillary Clinton at virtually every campaign stop when he called her a criminal even though she had never even been charged with a crime.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

There Goes the Progressive Media, Shilling for Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

Sigh, here we go again, the same Progressive Media that is demanding Trump go, now is chortling about Elizabeth Warren winning against Donald Trump in 2020. Apparently Hillary Clinton was not even considered for the poll! 

Progressives assuming that Moderate Democrats agree with them on every issue may lead to a Trump, or, a different Republican's second term.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

One Similarity between Trump's letter firing James Comey and the JonBonet Ramsey Ransom note.

JonBenet Ramsey's Ramson Letter included the following excerpt...

"You will withdraw $118,000.00 from your account. $100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills"...

What makes that part of the Ransom letter so strange is the amount of the ransom money being asked for was identical to a bonus that JonBonet's father had recently received.

Donald Trump's firing of James Comey included the following,
"While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau"...
There is much subversive content within that one sentence that a college instructor could probably conduct an entire class session on it. For starters, the FBI has apparently already admitted that Donald Trump was under investigation. Most frustrating is the fact that the FBI did not publicly mention that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were under Investigation during the 2016 presidential race, and that not one reporter had the brains to think to ask the Trump / Sanders Investigation question of Comey at some point during his press conferences during the 2016 presidential race. 

Trump then brings in the Department of Justice, as if it was the D.O.J. that came to him and pulled Trumps arm to fire Comey. Is that really how it happened? It appears that after James Comey asked for more money for his Russia influence peddling probe that Trump may have gone to the D.O.J. to come up with reasons to fire Comey. If true, this level of disingenuous is disturbing. Usually Trump just says what he means, here, he appears to mimic the writing style of the JonBonet Ramsey Ransom note writer, and DailyPUMA finds that disturbing.

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