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Monday, December 11, 2017

How do Bible Trumpers and Roy Moore Supporters Reconcile The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth with the Ends Justify the Means?

How do Roy Moore Supporters Reconcile "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth" with "The Ends Justify the Means"? The two sayings propose wildly different social philosphies, about as different as is possible. Roy Moore supporters, please answer in the comments section. 

Please don't answer that if the Roy Moore accusations were true, why did they take so long to come out, because the answer is social media (which has only been dominant for the past 7 to 8 years) is the driver, and Trumps constant lying was the catalyst. And lets not forget that Hollywood got lambasted BEFORE Moore. You Conservatives liked it when Hollywood got their comeuppance, but the moment it was an alleged Conservative Christian named Roy Moore who walked on the wrong side, suddenly it was a conspiracy. 

Sure, the media lied about Barack Obama and his racist Dodd / Frank Bill that cut and burned millions of dedicated and honest Rust Belt homeowners and yes the Media even hid the Obama blessed, racist practice of Parallel Foreclosure, but now Trump is lying his ass off on a myriad of issues which probably helped start the Hollywood whirlwind of accusations BEFORE ROY MOORE and also why OLDER people now have said enough is enough in regards to Roy Moore's behavior from 30 to 40 years ago.

How do you, as a Roy Moore supporter and Bible Trumper, feel about TWO Democrat Congressman stepping down while alleged child dominator Mr. Moore rides in to save the day for Lying Donald Trump? 

Neo Conservatives have already crossed the line with the "Who cares about Trump's behavior as long as he picks the right Supreme Court Justice" swagger that got Trump elected, that was the day you became a Bible  Trumper.

Supporters for Roy Moore sure seem to like the Religion by Convenience fit Bible Trumper's have placed their faith in. I guess it will be up to the Liberal Democrats to tow the Moral Line while you Bible Trumper's cross it and luxuriate in Trumps Devil Swamp in which the Ends always Justify the Means. Meek no More, Enjoy your Ends justifying the Means as only a Swamp Dwelling Bible Trumper can do.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fighting the High Velocity California Wind Fires with Water Misting.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

What if the Clintons made a short video being showered with dollar bills because of all the Money the Trump Tax Plan will Save them?

What if the Clintons made a short video being showered with dollar bills because of all the Money the Trump Tax Plan will Save them?  What if the Obama's made a short video being showered with dollar bills because of all the Money the Trump Tax Plan will Save them? Would Trump still be in a rush to Pass his Income Tax Plan?

How do we allow someone who hid his income taxes the right to push through a ridiculous income tax bill that is about giving back to his donors? Answer, unrepentant Religious fascists who feel the ends justify the means. Wow.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

North Korea just won the Nuclear Arms War as the U.S. just Watched.

The U.S. should have shot down the last North Korea Nuclear Test Missile flight because it went so high into the atmosphere that if it had had a warhead on it and it had detonated at its apex, it could have destroyed untold satellite networks on which our ENTIRE ECONOMY and the WORLD'S ECONOMY runs on.

A North Korea nuclear weapon does not have to reach the U.S. mainland to possibly annihilate millions of people, it just has to wreak havoc amongst the satellites way up high.

The U.S. simply cannot shoot down incoming missiles with 100% accuracy, yet North Korea does even have to reach the U.S. mainland to devastate the U.S. and the World. It's just a matter of time before North Korea destroys the World's economy because they are being deprived of their own economy via ongoing sanctions.

The North Korea situation is basically a repeat of the DeepWater Horizon catastrophe in which an underwater drill bit malfunctioned in the Gulf and because the malfunction was so deep underwater, humans could not reach the site to do relatively simple repairs as petroleum spilled out into the ocean.

If a nuclear weapon detonates at its apex many satellites are likely to be destroyed and virtually nothing will work correctly on the planet below, possibly creating an instant economic death spiral that instantly shuts down all forms of energy and resource control and transportation, meaning people literally will die from lack of electricity, water, and lack of modes of transportation. Digital structure will be lost and there won't be an analog back-up.

Could North Korea be stopped? DailyPUMA has already explained it several times, the answer is yes.  MNNA stands for Major Non Nato Ally and by designating North Korea as an MNNA, Kim Jong Un can declare victory as he shuts down his nuclear weapon program.

Lets not forget that Kim Jong Un has suffered personally embarrassing public events such as the disappearance of his wife (most likely by his own hand), being shut out of the 2017 Winter Olympics in which even South Korea is hosting some of the games.

Jong may not have much to live for beyond making nuclear weapons, aka, Jong needs a public victory to compensate for the loss of his wife and being excluded from the 2017 Winter Olympics. Kim Jong Un either achieves victory by eventually detonating a nuclear missile, or he is granted some type of economic payback in exchange for dismantling his Nuclear Program. 

Until Jong's "Nuclear Weapon or bust" paradigm is corrected via a MNNA status, the World may soon cease to exist as we know it.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Talking Points for Clinton Supporters and Moderate Democrats.

DailyPUMA has had the unnerving experience interacting with three or four acquaintances who have CDS, "Clinton Derangement Syndrome", as they gave epic tirades about the Clintons. What is interesting is how upon reflection I can call bullshit on the most vapid and idiotic CDS rants on issues ranging from Benghazi, Uranium One, and Monica Lewinsky.

Here are your Thanksgiving Day Clinton Talking Points, please use sparingly and wisely and don't keep engaging those with C.D.S. as they can't be helped unless they want to be helped. Some people are happy being angry and that is just their way. As a Democrat Moderate, it is your job to avoid the crazies but if possible, gently respond to them  in a public setting when possible and, if you feel you can safely respond without being physically attacked...

#1 Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.  
Hillary Clinton was blamed for Benghazi AFTER Barack Obama was re-elected. Prior to Barack Obama's election, it was Barack Obama and Secretary of DEFENSE Leon Panetta who were blamed for Benghazi for over seven weeks. The Benghazi blame game shifted to Hillary Clinton only after Obama was elected to his second term as president because Obama could no longer lose an upcoming election. The Conservative Benghazi battle cry truly borders on conspiracy and treason because the goal was to target whomever was the next Presidential Democrat in line and after Barack Obama was elected the Benghazi blame shifted to Hillary Clinton. Benghazi was a Secretary of DEFENSE issue, not Secretary of State.

When Hillary Clinton claimed a video caused the Benghazi attack, Republicans would not accept the DUAL REALITY that while its possible the false meme was done to deflect attention away from Barack Obama so close to re-election, IT WAS ALSO PLAUSIBLE that not giving credit to terrorists is one of the most effective ways to deter and demoralize terrorism. Republicans demanding that Obama publicly announce and credit a terrorist act is loopy at best, treasonous at worst. Obama got a 2 for 1, Demoralize the Terrorists while also deflecting attention away from alleged mistakes made during the Benghazi attack.

Republicans demanded the president publicize every terrorism event because even though publicly crediting a terrorist just grows terrorism. Donald Trump has had two absolutely embarrassing tragedies involving his naval fleet being damaged by slow moving frigates. Nobody is accusing the incidents of being terrorist related, but even if they were, Democrats would trust that the sitting president would know when to publicize such an event as terrorism, and when to keep quiet about it and move on.

While Republicans continued to focus on Benghazi for the past five years, 10 to 20 U.S. veterans were committing suicide on a daily basis. Over the five year tirade against Hillary Clinton and the four Benghazi deaths, Republicans have basically assisted in the preventable suicides of 10,000 to 20,000 U.S. veterans because of Republican Clinton Derangement Syndrome over four deaths in Benghazi. 

#2  Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. 

Monica Lewinsky initiated the Consensual Affair with Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton rightly denied the affair while under oath because a legal, consensual act can NEVER be used to prove a non consensual act may have occurred at another time and place. If DailyPUMA was accused of a bank robbery, evidence that DP bank's at a different bank cannot be introduced to prove that DP robbed the bank in question. 

In the case of Bill Clinton, The most the prosecutor should have done was simply ask, "Have you ever engaged in nonconsensual sex with Monica Lewinsky?" Bill Clinton states no, end of discussion. Clinton lied under oath because he knew he should not have been forced to testify under oath over a consensual act and that was his way of calling bullshit. Bill Clinton's defiance under oath was justifiable in this very particular instance. Forcing a president to testify under oath regarding their own personal, consensual activities  when the activities were legal and did not interfere with their presidential duties actually undermines and weakens the position of the presidency in a treasonous sort of way.

The real abusers of Monica Lewinsky were the FBI! The FBI treated Monica Lewinsky brutally during their 10 hour, 10th floor sequestration of her. Lewinsky was not allowed to mae any phone calls, not even to her parents or to an attorney. Lewinsky considered jumping through a 10 floor window to her death to avoid the FBI evil doers in the room. 

Lewinsky's deleted, private thoughts on her computer were resurrected by the FBI Thought Police and then released to the world to Lewinsky's utter humiliation and shame. The ongoing meme that Clinton abused Lewinsky actually is an affront to all woman since it was Lewinsky who initiated the encounter, Bill Clinton was Monica Lewinsky's trophy. It's a sign of disrespect to all woman to treat Lewinsky like she was the victim when she was actually the instigator and at the very least, the equivalent. It's further an affront to all women that Monica Lewinsky never received an apology or reparations from the FBI.

#3. Uranium One. 
Cannonfire and Shepard Smith of Fox News have ridiculed the "Uranium One" story as a ridiculous stunt by Conservatives not worthy of further discussion.

#4. Believe Women Attacks Against Bill Clinton.         CannonFire calls into question the most recent attacks against Bill Clinton, claiming most if not all of the Clinton era victims were either compensated or forced to admit something happened by Kenneth Starr, even if it meant lying, and all changed their stories as time went on.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

In his own words, Donald Trump calls ALL Liberals Deplorable after stating that Alleged Republican Serial Predator Roy Moore is still better for Congress than a Liberal.

When Hillary Clinton stated that half of Donald Trump's supporters were Deplorables, she was speaking about Trump Primary voters, or only 50% of the 40% of Primary Voters who voted for Trump in the Primaries. Yet no one in the media did the math, and Hillary Clinton was falsely accused of damning 50% of all Republican Voters as Deplorable when the actual percentage was less than 10%.

The math was simple, Trump won around 40% of the total Republican Primary Vote. 50% of 40% is 20%, since Republicans make up less than 50% of the total U.S. vote, the 20% becomes slightly less than 10% of all voters. Of course, it would have been better if Hillary Clinton had called the under 10% Deplorables, Gullibles instead.

However, Donald Trump has now topped Hillary Clinton's infamous comment with a comment that basically damns ALL liberals to the point where an alleged serial predator Republican candidate for congress would make a better congress person than any liberal would. Wow.

What is interesting to DailyPUMA about Trump's attitude is it reveals a person who just doesn't understand give and take as well as he believes he does.  While liberals might be a burr in Trump's butt, Having an unbeatable plurality is NOT the way to govern, and that is one lesson that Donald Trump does not seem interested in acknowledging at any cost.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

American Thinker did not Blame Hillary Clinton for Benghazi until AFTER Obama Won re-election.

American Thinker is a Conservative site priding itself on its  own moral, philosophical, and intellectual superiority that regularly screeds anti Hillary Clinton memes. DailyPUMA believes it is so A.T. can masquerade their own Clinton Derangement Syndrome issues. American Thinker ran a story on Benghazi in which they blamed Leon Panetta and Barack Obama for the four Benghazi Deaths. 

Incredibly, the "Obama and Panetta are responsible for Benghazi" story ran seven weeks AFTER Benghazi occurred but just mere days before the 2012 presidential election, yet no mention of Hillary Clinton can be found. Not once is Hillary Clinton's name mentioned in the Benghazi Attack Article, NOT ONCE!

DailyPUMA believes that American Thinker did not mention Hillary Clinton because of American Thinker's bloodlust for the defeat of Barack Obama, and two, because the Secretary of DEFENSE Leon Panetta was actually responsible for the security of Benghazi, not Hillary Clinton.

So when Trump makes those idiotic claims that Hillary Clinton did not answer the phone regarding the attack on the Benghazi compound, it was actually Leon Panetta who was responsible, and the CIA was the one calling the shots for the security of the Benghazi Compound and they did answer the call.
It was only after Barack Obama won re-election that Conservative Clinton Derangement Syndrome sites such as American Thinker began attacking Hillary Clinton and blaming her. Can you say vast right wing conspiracy, DailyPUMA can and does and will.
Below is a screen grab of the American Thinker Benghazi article with ZERO mentions of Hillary Clinton. 
Just above The American Thinker masthead you will see that DailyPUMA did a search for how many times Hillary Clinton was mentioned in the article, the number ZERO came up. There were ZERO mentions of Hillary Clinton in the Pre 2012 Presidential Election article about Benghazi by American Thinker, yet A.T. and its self acclaimed intellectually superior conservative blog would blame Hillary Clinton for Benghazi, AFTER Barack Obama won re-election.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not the primary Benghazi target of the conservative right until AFTER Obama won re-election 2012.

Can you say vast right wing conspiracy?

If the realization never hits millennials and the MeTOO twitter crowd that it was Monica Lewinsky who trapped Bill Clinton and that it was the FBI and not Bill Clinton who actually abused Monica Lewinsky during the FBI"s illegal sequestration of Lewinsky in which she contemplated suicide, then DailyPUMA thinks its time to set the record straight before Millennials also get the Benghazi issue completely wrong.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

In Monica Lewinsky's own words, The FBI, (Kenneth Star, and the Republican 12 by Association) "Abused and Humiliated Me" end quote. By Comparison, Bill Clinton was an Angel in DailyPUMA's opinion.

In Monica Lewinsky's own words.

The "Monica Lewinsky / Bill Clinton is a Monster" meme needs to be put to rest. Monica Lewinsky INITIATED the consensual affair between herself and Bill Clinton. It was the lubious manner in which the FBI, Kenneth Starr and the Republican Twelve imprisoned Lewinsky that people should be focusing on right now.

Monica Lewinsky in her own words, words that nobody has bothered to remember, aka the ultimate disrespect to her as a woman, point out that the FBI, and by association Kenneth Starr and the Republican 12 were the ones that treated her horribly and humiliated her, actually undeleting secret personal notes from her computer and then dishing them out to the world to read.

Lewinsky even contemplated SUICIDE by jumping through a 10th story glass window over how she was being interrogated, threatened and denied her basic right to a telephone call to her parents or to an attorney while she was imprisoned for 10 hours on the 10th floor of her interrogation room. It is horrible and despicable stuff the FBI put Monica Lewinsky through. 

In DailyPUMA's opinion, Bill Clinton was an Angel by comparison to the FBI, Kenneth Starr and the Republican 12's abuse of Monica Lewinsky. 

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Grope This!

Many have Groped in all kinds of situations. Is a consensual groping caught on film any better? To someone viewing  a groping photo, how are they to know the groping is consensual or not? 

If Al Franken was dumb enough to pose for a photo while groping a fellow colleague without their consent, how can we ever know when a grope photo is consensual, or not? If we don't know when a grope is consensual or not, then shouldn't groping someone in a photo be a no no even if consent was granted? Groping photos send the wrong message whether the Grope Photo was consensual or not, no?

DailyPUMA says, Grope This. News alert, Women have groped men. There are some very happy fellows walking around who had sex initiated by a female that came up to them at a party and simply groped the young man's privates and minutes later they were humping away.

Should DailyPUMA start a "I groped a Man without their permission" twitter account since DailyPUMA was groped once by a complete stranger, aka female stranger.

A very odd situation to say the least. Had walked to the store for a friend and on my way back was holding a container of milk in one hand and some type of Soda Beverage in the other hand. DailyPUMA was literally not armed, but over armed holding onto Liquid products in both hands when a woman jumped out of a car and ran up to me and groped me, it was a Drive By Groping. I had no way to defend myself without dropping my Beverage Goods.

The weird part was, the car she popped out of was a convertible and I recall there were three girls, but there really wasn't room for a fourth person. So if DailyPUMA had accepted the grope, where to go, on the back on top of the trunk? Even skrunched in the back, would DP have been dropped off 10 miles away Post Grope

It was a Grope with no way for a happy ending. She actually followed me too for awhile first, so it was a Stalk and a Grope. The whole thing was creepy, annoying, silly, and even salacious all at the same time. 

Maybe the consensual contracts some colleges want their students to sign before engaging in intimacy on campus isn't such a dopey idea. At the end of the "day", I would not trade a grope and more for being dropped off 10 miles from where I was with no way to get back, (this was before Uber, way before Uber).

So as the "We are all victims movement grows", lets not forget the men. DailyPUMA knows of a very successful B-Movie lead man who was denied a lead role in an A-Movie by a gay casting director or director, do not recall which, who refused to cast him in a lead role he had been offered if the actor did not go to bed with the gay casting director. The successful B-Movie lead man did not accept, and he was basically shut down from advancing into A-Movies because people who do bad things talk to others who do bad things and they do punish those who reject them.

My Actor friend even refuses to publicize what happened to him even though it probably meant the loss of a truly profitable career. But hey, that's what men are for, to be blamed for all that is wrong while they keep quiet about what was done wrong to them. 

However, the Me Too Movement is still a good thing to have occurred as it was way over due. 

DailyPUMA still recalls the Sixty Minutes Hollywood segment back in the late 80's or 90's in which Joel Thurm, a Casting Director, ended the segment by stating "I heard of a well known actress who had to masturbate in front of the producer before being cast for a part". 

Is it possible that Thurm was talking about Harvey Weinstein and the incident occurred sometime in the eighties or nineties. Incredibly, no follow up was ever done by Sixty Minutes. Apparently no law enforcement division called Sixty Minutes or Joel Thurm to find out what he knew. 

What if it had been Weinstein that Thurm was talking about back then, Weinstein could have been stopped 20 or 25 years sooner.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

We all know that Obstruction of Justice is Illegal, but Donald Trump's practice of Instruction of Justice is probably Illegal as well, Plus DailyPUMA's take on Income Taxes.

If Donald Trump is guilty of Instruction of Justice, which he is, then the D.O.J.'s investigations of Hillary Clinton need to be thrown out as Trump's comments to the Justice Department about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton clearly rise to a higher level than anything that Bill Clinton did when he interacted with Loretta Lynch,  especially when one considers that Loretta Lynch recused herself soon after.

Income Tax editorial will be added in the next few hours.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Feeling sorry for Louis C.K., and the Powerful Female Roles his TV Shows Created.

One of the most tremendous scripted television interactions DailyPUMA ever witnessed occurred between female actors Pamela Adlon and Emma Stone on the TV show "Lucky Louie" in the 2006 episode called "Get Out". 

What a true loss if the "Get Out" episode is buried because of verified accusations against Louis C.K which apparently do not include being held against one's will or facing future punishments if the people or person had left, meaning there accusations against Louis C.K. are nowhere close to what others have been accused of.

The amazing interaction in the "Get Out" episode between Pamela Adlon and Emma Stone was not a cutsy 30 second back and forth, it was a deftly written scene that lasted several minutes and with each passing minute just became more and more intense. While women may see the success of Wonder Woman as a clawback for women actresses everywhere, lets not forget how society continually belittles episodic series that don't use physical violence or gun play, otherwise the scenes between Pamela Adlon and Emma Stone in Get Out would be held in the same Accord as Wonder Woman.

Behaving badly or inappropriately shouldn't be the only benchmark used for ending or disrupting a successful person's career. DailyPUMA is going to go out on a very fragile limb and state the following, there IS a difference between being held against one's will versus being an unwitting witness to another person's inappropriate behavior, and there is a difference between being exposed to another person's inappropriate behavior while that same witness is both completely free to leave at any time AND would not be punished in any way for leaving, including the loss of future work opportunities, and of course the witness would need to know that. Think of someone yelling at Larry David's character in Curb Your Enthusiasm after a typical Larry David anti social outburst because they know they don't have to be afraid of a Larry David repercussion in the future.

If someone hoping to get lucky behaves in a manner not deemed appropriate, and the other party is of course of legal age and free to leave at any time with no present or future repercussions, then lets not equate that with a rapist or holding someone against their will because the two scenarios are not equivalent.

Whenever DailyPUMA sees Louis C.K.'s work, DailyPUMA just instantly finds that the women in the scenes are on equal and many times on superior footing to the males, and that the real tragedy going forward will be the loss of female roles in Louis C.K.'s productions. 

If you get a chance, watch the Lucky Louie episode "Get Out" for the scenes involving Pamela Adlon and Emma Stone, they are truly remarkable.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Trump Supporters on Edge that Barack Obama was never accused of Racism while Trump is being accused of Racism on a Daily Basis.

There are many voters outside of the major cities who believe that Barack Obama was racist against whites during his term in office. These primarily Trump supporters may be outraged, befuddled, or perhaps just frustrated that the mainstream media never accused Obama of harboring racism towards White America because of the News media's own political correctness while now Trump Supporters hear daily racism accusations leveled at Donald Trump.

Remember this Barack Obama comment from April of 2008, "They (The Rust belt and West Plains people) get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."  -Barack Obama.

Or, Barack Obama could have said...."Just like the Indians who came before us, the people who settled into Rural America suddenly are losing their jobs and their homes and they don't understand why when their work ethic remains strong."   - Not Barack Obama

Both sentiments basically tell the same story, yet Barack Obama could not connect with his primarily white constituency in a complementary and Truthful way, yet the mainstream media did not accuse Barack Obama of being racist, or even obtuse, about Middle America.

When Barack Obama quickly jumped into the fray after a College Professor was confronted outside of his own home by a police officer who had been called to the scene by an African American female witnessing an African American male attempting to get inside a home without use of a key, Obama's goal with his White House Share a Beer Conference was to heal racial divides. It was as if Obama wanted to show how great of a healer he was by always taking the side that racism existed whenever a confrontation between different races made the news. In DailyPUMA's opinion, it was a poor choice to use to illustrate racial divides as the police officer was acting completely correctly.

Let not forget Obama's penchant for apologizing for past American Behavior, something that any one president cannot truly own. When visiting foreign dignitaries Obama would bow to foreign leaders which many in America felt was an affront to the standing of all U.S. Presidents.

An example of Obama's penchant for Obtuseness or just plain White Indifference, or perhaps even White Racism would be his reaction to the banking solution for the housing market crash of 2008. The solutions put forth in the Dodd / Frank bill basically put the House Flipper and the Family struggling to hold onto their home in the same category, which was an affront to the millions upon millions of homeowners who had lived in their home for the past few decades and now were in danger of losing it due to Wall Street Investment Shenanigans that encouraged many to take equity out of their home or to become House Flippers.

Obama basically allowed the banks to humiliate anyone asking for Mortgage help by only acknowledging the possibility of a program to help them keep their home AFTER the struggling homeowner had defaulted on their present home loan. Obama basically allowed the tenet of "No Loan Restructuring could occur without the declaration of Default" first being branded on the Deadbeat Homeowner's forehead." This coming from a man who had nefarious help in purchasing his own first home.

The banking procedure that Obama's administration apparently supported or looked the other way involved Parallel Foreclosure also known as Dual Tracking.

Once a homeowner had been instructed to fall behind on their mortgage payments so they could then apply for Home Mortgage Relief, the banks could simultaneously begin foreclosure proceedings even as the same bank began the application process for Home Mortgage Modification. Meanwhile the banks seemed to conveniently lose paperwork on the home modification program

The practice of simultaneously foreclosing (Parallel Foreclosure) on a home owner who had to first default on their mortgage before being eligible for a home modification program went on for YEARS before a half hearted attempt was made to reign in this anti-homeowner madness. 

While these banking shenanigans affected all races, it also affected white america most since white america owned the most property. Obama was never accused of racism through the Dodd / Frank bill even though if one stood back far enough, the impalement of white, middle class home ownership at a greater rate than other races sure looked racist.

DailyPUMA supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 and is 100% sure that Hillary Clinton would have taken a more measured and reasonable approach so as not to disenfranchise so many homeowners in the Rust Belt States, the States she was blamed with losing in 2016. The irony being once Hillary Clinton accepted Barack Obama's support, she could no longer publicly feel the pain of the Rust Belt States during the 2016 presidential campaign without it being seen as a direct impugnment of Barack Obama's legacy.

It is likely that Americans who support Trump now and continue to support Trump see a racist mainstream media that continually calls Trump a racist while having kept quiet about policies that Obama signed into law that could be viewed as racist against white america.

Meanwhile, the scant 30% to 35% that still support Trump could still win against a Democrat Party that is split between Moderates and Progressives. 

For proof look at the ridiculous Progressive assault against Hillary Clinton put on by The Young Turks, Move on Dot Org, Bernie Sanders Supporters, and Donna Brazile in her new book, in which Brazile first claimed that Hillary Clinton bullied the DNC and rigged the Primaries in her favor. This accusation was then followed by the Young Turks accusing Hillary Clinton's campaign of money laundering through the DNC. But suddenly Brazile back off when she actually appeared on TV to hawk her new book and instead said there was no Primary Collusion between Hillary Clinton and the DNC. 

However, the Damage was already done. DailyPUMA recently saw the repetitive scrolling headline banner on a Mexican News Channel that basically stated Hillary Clinton and the DNC fixed the primaries against Bernie Sanders, a claim which Brazile now denies. However Brazile's retraction most likely won't appear in future Mexican News Scrolling Banners. Just who is plotting to alienate the Mexican vote against Hillary Clinton? Could it be whomever plotted to alienate the Union vote from Hillary Clinton in 2016, aka Bernie Sanders?

So we now have 35% for Trump, 40% Moderates and 25% Progressives for Democrats, but if the Moderates and Progressive don't get along, don't be surprised if the 2020 Presidential Candidate for the Republicans wins, even if it is not Trump. 

If somehow Bernie Sanders is the nominee for 2020 for the Democrat Party, I will protest vote Republican because of the BS the Democrat Progressives have put Hillary Clinton through for over a decade now, and continue to do so with their Axis of Evil known as Move on Dot Org, The Young Turks, Bernie Sanders, and fueled by Donna Brazile.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

DailyPUMA revisits Donna Brazile's email comments with Taylor Marsh from 2008.

DailyPUMA went to the blog Hillary-Wins, also by Alessandro Machi, to reveal what Donna Brazile was saying in 2008 about the Clintons in her emails with Taylor Marsh.

Amazing how Donna Brazile "saved their asses" (The Clintons  asses), and when you talk to a conservative, they will tell you that it was the Republican congress that made the 90's great, not the Clintons.

It's truly a sad state of affairs for the Moderates from both parties because of their loonier counterparts known as Neo cons and Progressives.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Republicans want you to believe that their People paying for Dirt on Hillary Clinton is no different than Steele Dossier that was first funded by a Republican, then the DNC & the Clinton Campaign, and eventually the FBI.

The Republicans want to know why is it not ok for Jared Kushner or others in Trump Land to pay a foreign source for dirt on Hillary Clinton, yet it is ok for the Clinton Campaign to purchase or initiate dirt Intel on Trump for foreign sources.

So focusing on whether or not the Clinton Campaign funded the intel is important, However the distinction between the Steele Dossier and what the Trump Campaign set out to do are so different that DailyPUMA will list them  below. 

If it's true that the Steele Dossier was initially funded by a Republican Operative, and then taken over by the Democrats or the Clinton Campaign, that is WAY less of a controversy since there is a Republican at the root of the original search. Without the original Republican, there would be no Steele Dossier. The Washington Post tried to infer that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton created the Steele Dossier in the twisted headline used with their article, yet in their own article they admit the Democrats and the Clinton Campaign did not initiate the Steele Dossier, a Republican did. But hey, let's blame Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats have a second firewall in terms of the radical difference between the Trump Campaign soliciting dirt on Hillary Clinton and the Steele Dossier, Trump refused to disclose his Income Tax Returns, making Trump the first presidential candidate in DailyPUMA doesn't know how long to refuse to release their tax returns, so even as Sander's was blasting Clinton over the release of her Income Taxes and her Wall Street Speeches, Trump was hiding his own Income Taxes, and STILL is hiding his own income tax returns.

Speaking of Sander's, Sander's and Trump were using Political Operatives who both worked in Eastern Europe for a decade at the same time and were most likely in contact with each other, so that would be a third firewall to do research on Trump versus simply looking for Dirt on Hillary Clinton as was done in Trumpland.

Then throw in Trump's BLATANT LYING about Trump Products over the airwaves. Trump alleged that a table full of Trump Productions were in production at his Press conference after his Michigan Primary Win when it was all FICTION. The Democrats had every right to Investigate Trump over what other lies he was telling, thus a fourth firewall. 

A Fifth Firewall of difference between Kushner paying for dirt on Clinton versus the Steele Dossier would be that the Dossier went to the FBI who reviewed the Intel and wanted more, and the FBI was going to pay for more intel, until Steele was exposed. 

There is a Sixth Firewall as well. The FBI Director and Republican James Comey managed to twice disclose in public that Hillary Clinton was under investigation, yet the FBI Director Republican James Comey never disclosed if Donald Trump was under investigation for Income Tax Irregularities, lying over the airwaves regarding Trump Products, Deliberately lying over the airwaves for political gain, such as stating that Hillary Clinton was a criminal when she had never been convicted of a crime.

DailyPUMA suggests further discussion be focused on how the Steele Dossier PALES in comparison to simply paying foreign governments for "Dirt" on Hillary Clinton as the Trump Campaign did. 

More Importantly, DailyPUMA continues to wonder why the FBI either refused to Investigate Donald Trump over the myriad of issues mentioned above, or why the FBI refused to publicly acknowledge that Donald Trump was also under Investigation during the 2016 Presidential Election.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Donald Trump is Probably Clueless about how easy it has become to disable another country's economy through nuclear warfare in the upper atmosphere.

CannonFire has just released it's own warning about an EMP Attack from North Korea. If North Korea were able to do incomparable damage to our Electronics, Satellites and Electrical gird, Trump's only counter move would be to annihilate North Korea, assuming our missiles could still be accurately launched.

What would result is a small country playing mayhem with our "satellites and things", while we in turn would be killing, maiming and destroying millions of North Korean lives instantly, because Trump's only counter move would be to drop nukes on North Korea.

Who would get the rest of the world's sympathy in the above scenario, the country that played a very dangerous prank, or the country that simply nuclearized tens of millions of people.

The reason we know that Trump is not up to the challenge at hand is TRUMP DEFUNDED, or let lapse, the department that actually studies defending against Electro Magnetic Weapons, as Cannonfire has pointed out.     

North Korea's bluster over launching a nuclear weapon into the U.S. may very well be a real threat, but exploding a nuclear weapon high up in the sky, where it will decimate satellite transmission and possibly our entire electronic and electrical gird could be North Korea's stealth plan.

One wonders how many satellites it would take to re-establish a satellite network and one wonders how many replacement satellites the U.S. has ready to relaunch at a moment's notice. Probably nowhere near enough.

When Trump talks of InfraStructure, Trump visualizes big heavy dump trucks pouring asphalt, when DailyPUMA thinks of InfraStructure, Images of triple the number of satellites needed to maintain an economy and buildings being built round so they can withstand hurricane force winds while also being elevated to prevent flood damage.

Trump is so outmatched right now it truly scares DailyPUMA.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Has the U.S. ever launched missiles towards itself to see if they can shoot them all down?

DailyPUMA is wondering if the U.S. Military has ever fired off dozens of missiles at the same time from different locations, at the U.S., to see how many they can effectively shoot down without detonating. Simply having a bunch of military ding a lings say they are ready for any incoming missile attack is WORTHLESS. PROVE IT.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Bernie Sanders was big on Coal, Global Warming, and Pot for all, now his own State of Vermont wants to proceed with caution regarding Pot, Just like Hillary Clinton advocated during the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

It's really important to keep reminding the World how full of shit Bernie Sanders really was during his 2016 Presidential Campaign. And I say this with the acknowledgement that Bernie Sanders is a fine speaker and a solid thinker. 

But when a 2016 presidential candidate can be for Coal yet acknowledge Global warming at the same time, we basically have a rope a dope candidate who did nothing more then alienate a few million Democrat Voters who would have voted for Hillary Clinton until Bernie's B.S. began to propagate for far too long.

Speaking of Dope, Bernie Sanders was for Pot for all, yet now his own State of Vermont has taken a cautionary approach regarding the free and easy use of Pot. Vermont has has taken exactly Hillary Clinton's position in 2016, that the States that had already legalized Marijuana should be studied for a couple of years to see what the cumulative effects of legalized pot were producing.

So to repeat, Bernie Sander's own state of Vermont is basically giving Bernie Sanders a no confidence vote in regards to Sander's position on marijuana while giving Hillary Clinton's 2016 position of caution on marijuana a super big thumbs up.

If anyone out there wants to blog, DailyPUMA would encourage a Bernie's Bullshit blog that would go back in time and point out how Bernie kept going to the left of Hillary Clinton so that he could paint her as a Washington Insider, yet how foolish many of his going to the left of Hillary screeds really were. DailyPUMA will even give you a top spot on one of the DailyPUMA columns for free. (Ok, their all free but a top spot is even better than free).

And if someone were take on this Bernie's Bullshit Blog, don't forget to take a few shots at the Bern Report as well.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Did 60 Minutes Hide Harvey Weinstein's reputation over 2 decades ago when they Interviewed Joel Thurm for a piece on Hollywood?

DailyPUMA recalls Joel Thurm once state during a Sixty Minutes interview back in either the 80's or early 90's about how Hollywood Actors and Actresses were treated, "One Actress had to masturbate in front of an executive in exchange for a part in a movie", he stated. I think that ended the 60 Minutes Segment.

DailyPUMA wonders, what if it was Harvey Weinstein that Joel Thurm was talking about? If it was, would that not make 60 Minutes somewhat responsible for not going further and finding out who it was that Joel Thurm was talking about?  Would not 60 Minutes be responsible for Mr. Weinstein's additional 20 years or more as head of a Production Studio?

Everyone is wondering how Mr. Weinstein got to flourish as a successful Producer and possible sexual predator for so long. Well, if 60 Minutes had the goods back in the 80's or early 90's, and did nothing, then we have our answer, don't we?

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pence denies leaving NFL game was a publicity stunt, but something does not make sense about Pence's Denial.

On Sunday, October 8, 2017, Mike Pence not only went to watch the Indianapolis Colts play the San Francisco 49's, Mr. Pence also claims he went to the game to watch the half time festivities honoring former Colts QB and future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. Mike Pence ended up leaving soon after the National Anthem when some of the San Francisco 49's players kneeled during the National Anthem. 

However, there has been no reports that the Indianapolis Colts football players kneeled during the playing of the national anthem.

So lets review, Mike Pence went to the Colt's Home Game vs 49's game in particular so he could witness the honoring of Colt's great Peyton Manning at halftime. The Hometown Indianapolis Colts players did not kneel during the National Anthem, only some of the visting 49's players knelt.

So basically, Mike Pence punished the home team for the actions of the visiting team, when Mr. Pence was there primarily to witness the honoring of a Hall of Fame player who had played in the past for the Home Team. For DailyPUMA, that equals, WOW.

Punishing one team, the home team, and the man being honored by the home team for a tremendous CAREER, Peyton Manning, for the one time actions of the visiting team is what Mike Pence did, and DailyPUMA thinks that stinks and that Mr. Pence owes Peyton Manning an apology.

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Warning, Rush Limbaugh Radio Ad Promotion for Monday, October 9, 2017 claims Democrats want to take all of your guns.

It seems beyond belief that a goofball like Rush Limbaugh will actually expouse the narrative Monday morning in his diarrhea laced radio talk show that the democrats will use the killing of 59 people and the maiming of over 500 people via several modified semi automatic guns as an excuse to take all the guns away from Gun Owners.   

Die idiot, die.

Should gun owners really retain all the same rights regarding their guns when their guns are kept on their own property, versus when those same guns are taken off of their property?

If a gun owners owns 20 guns, does that mean they have the right to transport those 20 guns off of their own property at any time and for any reason?

Maybe we need to start the discussion of gun control with the rights of gun owners when their guns are kept on their own property versus the transporting of those same guns off of their own property. 

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Friday, October 6, 2017

DailyPUMA's biggest gripe about Progressives, Immigration, Immigration, Immigration, when do they ever talk about our seniors?

Based on a lifetime of observing people, places and things, DailyPUMA believes that most Progressives care more about strangers than their own Parents. However, DailyPUMA believes that Moderates from both parties care MOST about their Parents than either Conservatives or Progressives.

Progressives and Conservatives can deny it all they want, but the truth is on the internet. Heck it's on DailyPUMA, where DailyPUMA can count. Thousands of RSS links to Trump's racism and his immigration issues, and perhaps there have been 25, yes, 25 headlines about screwing over the elderly.

DailyPUMA does not quite understand the unbridled passion for immigration at the expense, yes, at the expense of our seniors. Maybe its a relevancy issue. Progressives and Conservatives care more about people close to their own age, who they better connect with, than their own parents. Progressivism tends to skew younger, so perhaps Progressives view their own parents as still being in charge and in their own spotlight and don't need their children's help in any way. If anything, able parents who are not seniors yet may be found helping their children. 

There is probably a higher percentage of gays among progressives than any other political group, and most adult gays probably harbor some resentment against their parents who probably wished their children would marry the same way they did, and perhaps having to hide their being gay makes gays connect more with immigrants than with seniors.  

DailyPUMA was at a Townhall meeting just yesterday with their senior adult parent. The Townhall was specially designed for seniors, and the Townhall timing was amazing as the post card announcement arrived literally 3 to 4 days after DailyPUMA had complained to their local political office that too much energy was being put on the issue of immigration at the EXPENSE of seniors. DailyPUMA is sure the Townhall was already planned when the complaint was made, so the timing was amazing in DailyPUMA's book.

One senior woman stood up and stated, "Los Angeles plans to spend money on more shelters for the homeless, will you please make sure that some of that money is spent on seniors only shelters"? The idea floored the politician, who thankfully recognized a good idea when he heard it and immediately said so. 

But it also points to how easily seniors are being forgotten by the immigration first edict that California has adopted. Governor Jerry Brown, who never had to care for a parent and has no children, tried to end the MediCAL / In Home Supportive Services program several years ago during a budget crisis that he inadvertently may have helped cause the first time he was governor, when he helped hand out what turned out to be very lavish pensions for State Employees. 

Now California is a Sanctuary State, perhaps the first in the country. DailyPUMA just finds it arrogant how Progressive politicians are so fixated on immigration over elderly issues.
This may shock progressives, but some seniors are also immigrants. Progressives claim that Conservatives only care about the unborn and once born, its every baby for themselves. But Moderates also see that Progressives basically do the same thing, fight for immigration and gay rights, but once immigrants and gays become seniors, its every senior for themselves. 

DailyPUMA brought some literature to the Townhall for the politicians and was pleased to see some genuine interest in issues like why can't seniors deduct their home property tax payments from their annual stated income when applying for the MediCAL / In Home Supportive Services program.

So maybe there's hope. DailyPUMA is not yet a senior and maybe therein lies the problem, those who should be championing senior causes before they themselves become seniors are too few and far between, whereas immigration issues are all around us, all the time sucking up some of the attention that should be going to our Seniors.

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