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Thursday, December 15, 2016

When the Going gets Tough, Male Politicians Stick Together, and that is why the Female Electoral College Electors should Seriously Consider Voting for Hillary Clinton.

Lost in the hyperbole that women should vote for women simply because they are women, is the reason why women should vote for women. Male politicians tend to stack the deck against some female political candidates by aligning with other male political candidates in the same race to force out the female candidate. Rather than simply compete, the male politicians actually coalesce and share strategies on how to drive out the female.

Perhaps the male politicians do it because if there is only one female candidate in a race where there are multiple male candidates, the female candidate automatically stands out, while the male candidates fragile ego's fear they may be blended together as male candidates, and thus become marginalized.

In the 2008 Michigan Primary (yes, Michigan again), Michigan moved up their primary date into January, thereby encroaching on Iowa and New Hampshire's hallowed status as the first two states to vet the presidential candidate field. Iowa and New Hampshire residents were made to feel by the media that Michigan's move was an encroachment on their status as being the first two states where presidential candidates go to establish their presidential legitimacy, and they were livid.

In an incredibly clever, but ultimately mean spirited canardly maneuever, three male presidential candidates pulled off the perfect strategy to blight Hillary Clinton's reputation. Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and John Edwards all pulled their names from the Michigan primary on the last day one could file or unfile. Hillary Clinton was excluded from this strategy. In essence, the three democrat amigos struck a gentleman's agreement to withdraw from the Michigan primary at the last possible moment so that Hillary Clinton would not have time do the same thing. Hillary Clinton would remain on the Michigan ballot, and suffer the consequences.

The three amigos, Obama, Edwards and Richardson, blasted Hillary Clinton for validating Michigan's attempt to usurp  attention from Iowa and New Hampshire and dethrone their status as presidential candidate vetters. Obama, Edwards and Richardson told horrified onlookers in Iowa and New Hampshire that Hillary Clinton did not care about Iowa and New Hampshire's status as the first and second states in the country to cast votes for presidential candidates and that she was simply an opportunist willing to throw anyone under the bus if it would give her a political advantage.

As horrible as that sounds, that the front runnin 2008 male  presidential candidates would combine forces to damage the reputation of the front running female candidate Hillary Clinton, many saw it as cunning political strategy and that it was to be expected, therefore candidates of either sex  who couldn't predict such cunning deserve what they get. Ouch!

However, the Michigan Primary last minute withdrawal strategy required three male candidates plotting against the female candidate. The media was unwilling to call out the male politicians for excluding the female politician in their Michigan Maneuver. So much for gentlemen's agreements that include a female!  It is for this reason that I think all of the 2016 female electoral college electors should seriously consider watching Hillary Clinton's back in 2016. Once again in 2016 several males with deep, deep influence ganged up on the lone female presidential candidate and were able to bring her down in unison, yet she still got almost three million more votes than the electoral college winner.

In 2016, it may have have taken a half dozen male billionaires to bring down Hillary Clinton, with outside help from Russia's male leader in a manner which we don't exactly know. 

The Male Billionaire cohorts taking part in the stealing of the presidential election include Vegas gambling casino  magnate Sheldon Andelson, who put 25 million dollars in attack ads against Hillary Clinton over the final 10 days of the candidate, which I presume is actually a violation of FEC rules because all political donations of large amounts are supposed to be reported 30 days prior.

Additionally, Cubs ownership apparently plowed in millions as well, using anticipated Baseball Playoff Receipts profits for Hillary Clinton attack ads. Where is the Meanstream Media when it comes to pointing out that baseball enjoys  autonomy from Congress, yet they can influence our elections?  Apparently all is forgiven because it was all Males taking down a female.

But there's more, The NRA PAC put in over 30 million dollars to help defeat Hillary Clinton, I'm pretty sure that was testosterone driven as well.

Then there was FBI director James Comey, who was ground zero for reversing Hillary Clinton's surging popularity, (a popularity she earned from three solid debate performances), just 10 days before election day with his second email press conference. Just think back to the close of debate number three, when both Trump and Clinton had to ad lib why they should be president. Hillary Clinton absolutely nailed it, Trump spent a significant portion of his time berating Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton had actually EARNED her rising popularity via her debate performances, and FBI James Comey took it all away in one fell swoop.

Then there is Vladimir Putin. Ever since Hillary Clinton questioned how the voting was done in Russia in 2012, resulting in Russians taking to the streets in protest, Putin has vowed his revenge.

Ironically, even Bill Clinton, a male, played a hand in quelling Hillary Clinton's chances with his airplane meeting with Loretta Lynch. But lets not forget what happpened next, an apologetic Loretta Lynch then gave James Comey full authority to decide  how to handle the email situation! So much for the second most powerful female in the U.S. having  her authority usurped by one male so it could be handed over to another male!

The National Enquirer, a huge Donald Trump admirer, was allowed to basically take their opinion of what the future would be, and then print the anti Clinton predictions as if they were NEWS HEADLINES. 

Where is the line in sand? 

If the Enquirer had printed, "Hillary Clinton gives up and concedes the presidential race to Donald Trump" two weeks before the election, would anyone have stepped in and stopped the National Enquirer? Most likely no. That is how lazy our country has gotten. 

The list of testosterone in action against the lone female candidate is quite long, National Enquirer, NRA PAC, Putin, Vegas Gambling Tycoon, Chicago Cubs Ownership, James  Comey, but worst still, each one of these billionaires may have done something unethical as to how they attacked Hillary Clinton! and the best they could do was still LOSE by almost 3 million votes to an over attacked female presidential candidate.

Even Bernie Sanders supporters got into the act during the primary by calling Hillary Clinton a cheater for possibly using  tactics that were less vicious than the the type of tactics that were used against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Primary! 

Once again, lets point out the irony, in 2008 Hillary Clinton was victimized by male triangulation. Learning her lesson, she was tougher for the 2016 Primary, resulting in her opposition attacking her reputation while intimating she was a cheater. 

When, what could be called collaborative acts of deceit are done against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Primary, they are labeled clever strategy, but when Hillary Clinton perhaps does anything that even hints of being a little bit like what was done to her in 2008, she is labeled a cheater far and wide in 2016. This double standard of behavior in which boys will be boys but women are cheaters and "NASTY", WILL NOT END until females realize they need to be teammates in the same manner that men are teammates with each other.

If you are a 2016 Republican female electoral college elector, I am suggesting the glass ceiling is really a glass hurdle so high it will take other females assisting the female runner for the female runner to leap over the glass hurdle and become president. This is your time to not do what a male authority figure demands you do, but to do what you want to do with no regrets or remorse, and hopefully, that will include considering changing your Electoral College vote from Trump to Clinton.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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