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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Rudolph Giuliani, James Comey, Sheldon Andelson Triangle. How Rudolph Guiliani may have illegally interacted with James Comey, leading to James Comey's Second Press Conference and Sheldon Andelson's 25 million dollar attack ads against Hillary Clinton.

After Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton aboard Bill Clinton's plane regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, Loretta Lynch recused herself and let James Comey decide how to handle the email situation. Even though Lynch recused herself, the meanstream media continued to pile on that politicial favoritism was at work. I Ironically, the favoritism was by James Comey via his second email press conference / letter.

When Rudolph Giuliani was trying to get Sheldon Andelson to pony up the 25 million dollars in television attack ads against Hillary Clinton that Andelson had committed to in late September, but was no longer sure would be worthwhile anymore as Trump's popularity was slipping and Hillary Clinton's was rising after the third debate in mid October, did Giuliani put pressure on Comey to hold a second press conference, knowing it would serve as a form of enticement to Andelson?

Forget about Putin for a moment. If Giuliani was able to entice James Comey to perform a second email press conference regarding the dead on arrival Clinton emails, Giuliani would then be able to convince Sheldon Adelson to actually commit the 25 million dollars in anti Clinton ads over the final 10 days of the 2016 presidential campaign that Andelson had promised but was having second thoughts about. 

Why was Giuliani allowed to flit about talking to whomever he wanted whenever he wanted within the FBI when one Clinton interaction with Loretta Lynch basically raised a conservative uproar that continued even after Lynch recused herself.

Why is it the Democrats are so afraid to call any hearings when the Republicans will call a hearing at the drop of a pin?  Did Rudolph Giuliani use his FBI insider influence to let Comey know that a second email press conference would encourage other last minute Clinton attack ads? Was Comey being coerced by Rudolph Giuliani in the exact same manner that Bill Clinton was accused of when he met with Loretta Lynch? 

James Comey's second press conference fueled Sheldon Andelson's 25 million dollar commitment to proceed, which was then followed by last minute NRA  attack ads, which then led to faked media news over the final few days including PizzaGate and false allegation that The Clinton Home was being searched by the New York Police Department.

Did the final 10 days of media attacks against Hillary Clinton, all triggered by the second James Comey email press conference, make a difference in the outcome of the election? Yes, Comey's second email press conference basically gained Trump 2 to 4 million votes while subtracting 2 to 4 million votes for Hillary Clinton. And we can safely assume that the midwest battle ground states would have gone to Hillary Clinton.

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