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Sunday, December 4, 2016

ReCounting the Votes in Wisconsin apparently only involves recounting ballots. Deplorable Ballots that may have been fraudulently filled out will simply be counted again as being valid.

According to Wisconsin Recounting Rules, Recounting Wisconsin Votes simply means re-checking all the ballots that were submitted as votes. However, a fraudulently filled out ballet will look no different from a valid ballot using this rather simple recounting method.

The NRA had a PAC that raised 31 million dollars in support of Donald Trump and the idea of just one percent of NRA membership being able to tilt the election to Donald Trump is beyond alarming.

If just one percent of the NRA membership had served as precinct volunteers on election day and engaged in vote fraud by filling in ballots with Donald Trump as president, those votes would simply be counted again in a recount. And, if rogue NRA members had disposed of Clinton votes, those votes would not exist in the recount either!

DailyPUMA strongly suggests that ALL NRA Members who volunteered on November 8th, 2016 to serve at precinct voting locations be tallied up to see if there were clusters of NRA members at any precinct voting locations.

One percent of NRA membership serving as rogue volunteers would mean FIFTY THOUSAND members participated as volunteers. Considering the vote differences from the three states being recounted is barely over one hundred thousand votes, that would mean a mere five extra votes by each NRA rogue volunteer would have EASILY changed the results in the swing states, the states Trump had to win to win the election.

Why is DailyPUMA harping on the NRA? Hillary Clinton openly went after them during the campaign, and it's just not a stretch to imagine one percent of the NRA being Deplorable enough to engage in illegal voting activity.

The Precinct Signature books MUST be analyzed to verify the voting totals match between signatures and ballots cast. And then, the signatures need to be checked to make sure one person didn't sign the book on behalf of others who didn't bother to vote.

And then, the unused ballots must be added into the total to make sure that all ballots made it back.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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