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Monday, December 5, 2016

NRA Russia connection would mean no Internet Hack of 2016 Presidential Election Required to Alter Vote Counts.

All three Recount States reduced Donald Trump's victory margin by tens of thousands of votes before the Recount began.

The NRA has 5 million members. The NRA PAC raised 31 million dollars to defeat Hillary Clinton. Why were NRA members allowed to volunteer at the precinct voting stations the day of the Presidential Election?

It would literally take just a few thousand Russian/NRA members out of Five million NRA members to volunteer at key precinct stations to each add an extra 100 votes to various out of the way precincts in favor of Trump. 

The ballots would be filled out before the voting locations opened, and the votes added at some point early on or any point during the day when the station had no voters to observe the fraud. Could have even  happened after the polls closed.

Perhaps there is no direct evidence of an NRA/Russian connection, but if nobody looks for a possible connection, they won't know if one exists.

If Russia, through the NRA, was able to stuff ballots in small out of the way precincts, then the last laugh is on the U.S. for the accusation that Russia hacked the election. The stranger than life comedy is Russian NRA members could have just walked right in and done it as volunteers via the NRA on election day. It would only take .1% of NRA members (5,000 members) to alter the 2016 election results.

So when does the FBI investigate how many NRA members volunteered to work at a precinct voting station on November, 08, 2016? Were there precinct voting locations that featured a cluster of NRA members? It would actually take an incredibly small amount of Russian NRA members (500) to lead other NRA members who truly believed that Hillary Clinton wanted to take their guns away. 500 Russian NRA members out of 5 million equals .01% of the NRA membership.

Doesn't anyone investigate anything anymore?

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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