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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Judge Jean Pirro MUST Apologize to Hillary Clinton for Pirro's ineptly constructed timeline editorial regarding what Hillary Clinton said about rigged elections during the third debate versus her decision to join the recount.

Is Judge Jeanine Pirro really a judge, because her comments in the video commentary link at the the end of this article are below the bare minimum of common sense and integrity. Every case she has ever presided over needs to be rechecked if she continues to stand by the gross miscarriage of truthfulness regarding Hillary Clinton's rigged election comments that Pirro brontificates about in her video. 

When Hillary Clinton made her comments in the third debate about U.S. elections not being rigged, DailyPUMA reminds its readers that those comments were TEN DAYS BEFORE FBI Director James Comey RIGGED the ELECTION in Trump's favor with his second email press conference / letter about nothing! 

FBI Director James Comey incited and rejuvenated despondent Republicans into actions ranging from 25 million dollar last minute PAC attack ads to fake news after his second email press conference about emails, a  press conference that is NOW being described as  pointless  based on the reasoning cited in the subpoena.

When does "Judge" Jeanine Pirro apologize to Hillary Clinton for not understanding the concept of time, that Comey's rigging of the election so Trump would win happened 10-12 days after Hillary Clinton spoke about unrigged elections in the third debate. That Comey's rigging of the election with his second unjustified email press conference put the entire conservative meanstream media on high alert and to do whatever it took to give Trump a victory.

There are few things more dangerous than giving an arrogant, intellectually compromised person, judicial power. Possibly one of the most important tasks a judge is supposed to master is the proper timeline of events. Lets see if Pirro stands by her ill timed commentary that doesn't relate events in the timeline in which they actually happened.

If you are a judge, you should be cringing watching "Judge" Pirro equate a comment made by Hillary Clinton 10 days prior to the actual rigging of the 2016 presidential election in which Clinton stated that our elections are not rigged, with the subsequent rigging of the election by James Comey's second email press conference letter. And if you are wondering how James Comey's election changing second press conference equates to a recount, the answer is the meanstream media went all out once Comey's second press conference happened.

The level of anger, hostility and insanity against Clinton by the meanstream media grew from the moment of Comey's second press conference about emails every day until election day. If nothing fishy really happened regarding how votes were cast and counted, then why were Trump's lawyers, 2 and 3 deep at every voting location, basically preventing the recount from occurring?

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