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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How Donald Trump and James Comey May Have Rigged the Election by having Trump Claim the Presidential Election would be Rigged.

In DailyPUMA's opinion, there is definitely a Triangulation of strategy between James Comey & Donald Trump, classic Russian Diplomatic Strategy, and Russian Revenge that occured when Donald Trump stated during the third Presidential Debate that the upcoming Presidential Election was going to be rigged.

When Donald Trump warned everybody that the upcoming presidential election was going to be rigged, it was incumbent upon SOMEONE to do SOMETHING to ensure a fair election. The Department of Justice can't really spring into action since no crime has yet happened. So that would leave either the FBI or CIA to ensure an unrigged election.

Since James Comey of the FBI had already stepped into the presidential race once with his Hillary Clinton email investigation press conference during the summer of 2016, the logical assumption would be that James Comey would follow through on Donald Trump's accusation of an upcoming rigged election and put boots on the ground to assess Voting Stations all over the country and help assure a fair election, for all.

While the task of putting boots on the ground all over the country may seem daunting, each boot could have easily visited a dozen precincts and left contact information to report any suspicious activity to a central number where the call could be assessed.

If Boots all over the ground would prove too daunting a task, then the FBI STILL could have focused on specific groups that might be motivated to do vote manipulation. 

Perhaps both political sides have factions that do more than they should when it comes to voting regulations, but one thing is painfully clear, the NRA PAC, the NRA, and Hillary Clinton sparred several times during the campaign. The NRA's involvement with Russia well before the presidential election CLEARLY makes the NRA a group that needed to be watched to see if they were volunteering on election day at out of the way voting locations.

5,000 Rogue NRA members out of 5 million members is a small percentage of just 0.1% of total NRA membership, but that would be a large enough group to do whatever was needed to cast ballots in Trump's favor or make Clinton ballots not count in a myriad of ways in key battle ground states.

So what did James Comey do once he heard Donald Trump state during the third presidential debate that the presidential election was rigged? Comey basically did nothing in regards to Trump's concern. That's strange, don't you think? A presidential candidate makes a very public claim that the upcoming Presidential Election is going to be rigged, and Comey does nothing? Really?

Comey took several weeks in October getting a search warrant so e-mails on Huma Abedin's old computer could be viewed. Literally at the exact time that Comey should have been assessing and ensuring a fair election based on Donald Trump's rigged election claim, Comey was instead preparing for a second press conference about Hillary Clinton's emails just 10 days before the election.

This is beyond suspicious

How did Comey know he could go ahead with the second Clinton email press conference and basically do nothing about ensuring an unrigged election when Donald Trump had already stated on national television during a live presidential debate that the upcoming elections were rigged?

Comey could only choose to prioritize the Clinton email press conference over preventing the Rigging of an election if he knew the rigging of an election allegation was a clever strategy of accusing an opponent of the very thing one is doing themselves. Comey could only know to not take Trump's Rigged  Election accusation seriously if Comey knew the ulterior motive for Trump making the rigged comments, which was the defiant response from democrats and the media that such a claim could not be taken seriously.

When Fox News shows clips of Hillary Clinton at the third debate berating Trump for claiming the upcoming presidential Electon would be rigged, and then Fox uses that clip to ridicule anyone who ridiculed Trump's claim that the upcoming presidential would be rigged, keep in mind that at that time, when everyone ridiculed Trump for his accusation of a rigged election, the election had not yet been rigged!

This type of false regurgitation of facts in an incorrect sequence is what we have to look forward to for the next four years if the Electors don't change their votes on Dec. 19, 2016.

James Comey, who clearly influenced the election in Donald Trump's favor with his second press conference about emails, and who suspiciously knew he could ignore Donald Trump's rigged election accusations, is still in hiding until after the Electoral College Electors have voted on Dec. 19, 2016.

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