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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Occupy Protest against the 2016 Presidential results and Donald Trump need a Next Step, as in Protesting the IRS and the FBI.

One problem I have always had with the Occupy Movement is the inability to manifest empathy for others, someone not exactly like themselves. The Occupy Movement is first fueled by personal anger at a perceived injustice, but that anger does not seem to translate in such a way that truly creates change.

Lost among the Occupiers who feel personally threatened by Donald Trump is their lack of empathy for the slander that Trump projectile vomited on a speech by speech basis at Hillary Clinton. Calling someone a criminal, when that person has never been convicted of a crime, is basically a slanderous and possibly criminal act if either the projectiler is rewarded by their act of slander, or the recipient of the slander is harmed in some way.

The real threat to all of us, including Trump voters, is the possibility that a very wealthy man may have paid for his entire presidential campaign with what could actually be tax evasion money, while simultaneously being buttressed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that saw fit to report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation, twice. The FBI never mentioned if they  had even bothered to investigate Donald Trump's potential tax evasion money that so significant it was more than enough to run for president.

People talk about Trump being given 10 million dollars by his father 50 years ago and how he then turned that 10 million into billions of dollars as not being much different than taking the original 10 million and simply putting it into stocks and bonds back then and letting it multiply.

In the newest version of that scenario, how about being given close to one billion dollars to run for president, money that was not earned, but money that was actually deducted from 20 straight years of income tax filings. It appears the FBI is ok with a potential tax cheat recycling money to run for president, money that maybe was never really theirs, with nary a peep as to whether or not such an act would be a cause of concern to the FBI.

A tempered glass ceiling pattern does emerge. Martha Stewart, a female, went to jail when a male acquaintance encouraged her to invest in his company, then allegedly warned her to sell her stock just before the stock crashed. Meanwhile Donald Trump may have bullied his way into an almost 50 million dollar a year tax deduction for a 20 year period of time, and there isn't even an investigation by the FBI?

It seems like a tempered glass ceiling does exist, one which allows males to bully their way until they get what they want while woman continue to walk on egg shells when they are under investigation.

If the Occupiers know how to pivot, they would be pivoting to the IRS and the FBI, demanding a new audit of Donald Trump's entire 20 year, almost one billion dollars in income tax deductions. They would also want to know why the FBI did not feel it necessary to vet Donald Trump to make sure he was not funding his entire presidential campaign on what could turn out to be a phony tax deduction scheme.

The IRS Statute of Limitations has not run its course from Trump's original 1995 filing simply because the IRS statute of limitations clock does not begin until the last tax deduction benefit that is in question, has been taken. In Trump's case, that may be just a year or two ago and therefore still subject to review.

Just look at the facts, Martha Stewart goes to jail when a male business owner first confides in her to invest in his company, then warns her when things go South. According to Donald Trump (another male), claims Hillary Clinton is a criminal even though she has never been convicted of a crime. Meanwhile another male, James Comey of the FBI has to literally trump up the Hillary Clinton email investigation to the public on two separate occasions. Yet Donald Trump may be the one who committed such an outlandish act of Income Tax Evasion to the point where he was able to fund his entire presidential campaign, and Comey is nowhere to be seen when it came to notifying the american people if Mr.Trump was under investigation.

The Good Old Boys Network continues to rule if protestors don't get focused on the core issue, has Trump been properly vetted over his IRS tax filings and why wasn't the FBI letting the American People know that Mr. Trump was also under investigation.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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