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Friday, November 18, 2016

James Comey FBI Press Conferences about Hillary Clinton's emails, why did all the reporters present miss the Bigger Picture?

During the first and second James Comey FBI press conferences about Hillary Clinton's emails, something didn't seem right. I felt as if the reporters were being one tracked. They were at the press conference to hear about one of the presidential candidates emails.

But what about the other presidential candidate. Are we to believe that the FBI was not investigating Donald Trump about Trump University, about his blatant lying over the airwaves whenever he called Hillary Clinton a criminal, an FCC violation, what about the possibility that Donald Trump may have funded his entire presidential campaign with income tax evasion money? 

Lets not also forget possible FTC violations by the National Enquirer, an avowed ally of Donald Trump that repeatedly flouted their own headlines with over the top, outlandish statements that the Enquirer represented as fact rather than their own opinion. 

Yet none of the reporters present had the presence of mind to enlarge the scope of the James Comey, FBI Hillary Clinton email press conference to ask the million dollar question, are you telling us that Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI, but that Donald Trump is not? Just this one question, one question, would have created a more balanced press conference because as soon as Comey answered it, either way, it would have opened up the floodgates as to the possibility the FBI was targeting Hillary Clinton while giving Donald Trump a free ride.

Why was the media so caught up in the feeding frenzy of the moment to not ask the bigger picture presidential question, on two different occasions? The Answer is probably Social Media. Social Media seems to have created a publicity feeding frenzy in which the reporter who firstt reports about a press conference is considered the winner, irrespective of how poor a job that same reporter did trying to scope out what is being bypassed at the press conference.

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