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Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to catch North Carolina's alleged DMV voter suppression tactics over the past several months.

There may be a way to determine if intentional voter registration fraud occurred at North Carolina DMV offices. A properly functioning fax machine that is sending an applicant's voter representation data will require a certain amount of time to transmit the data. If the voter registration applications are similar in nature, then the actual time to transmit each fax correctly may be a constant.

However, an improperly working fax machine may either take much less time, or much more time, than the acknowledged average for a functioning fax machine while attempting to send the same data.

Perhaps simply comparing the fax machine times between the districts where the voter registration by fax machines were working properly versus the districts where the fax machines were not working properly might reveal if in fact there was an ongoing scam to thwart voter registration in the districts more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Remember, DMV workers complained incessantly about the problem and were told to ignore the fax error warnings, and that is why criminal actions and intent could be involved if those faxes never made it through. Here is a direct link to the story.

And I recall in 2008 Bill Clinton making the rounds in the small towns of North Carolina, towns that on average had 8,000 to 10,000 populations. If there was voter fraud in Wisconsin, then there probably was voter fraud among all that sea of red in the smaller towns of North Carolina.

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