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Monday, November 28, 2016

How Hillary Clinton could win the three recount states and still lose the presidency, Remember Florida and Michigan in 2008?

If there were voting "errors" in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and the "errors" either tip each state to Hillary Clinton or the totals become so ridiculously close as to be nothing more than a tie, one solution could be to split each state's electoral college in half. 

But without recounts in North Carolina and Florida as well, where there may have been some type of ginning of the vote, splitting the electoral college in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would still give Donald Trump a victory, while wink, wink, nudge nudge, North Carolina and Florida are left alone.

Trump could also demand that New Hampshire's electoral college be split as well since that was a very close result in Hillary Clinton's favor.

The Republicans have postulated that the purpose of the three recounts is to delay the electoral college ratification long enough so that Trump does not have enough electoral college votes by the electoral college deadline. 

However the Republicans could have a "plan b" if something  and "generously" offer the three recounted states electoral college votes be split in half were a recount to show significant movement in Hillary Clinton's favor. This "split the recounted states" electoral college votes could also take scrutiny off of why the original vote totals were so far off to begin with.

What would the math look like if the electoral college votes were split in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire. 

So lets do it. Where we stand right now is Clinton has 232 Electoral Votes, Trump has 306.

If the 3 state recount of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania resulted in an electoral college split,  the new totals would be 255 for Clinton, 283 for Trump. This would allow the Republicans to claim they have bent over backwards to accommodate the democrats and independents while diverting attention away from the possibility of who actually initiated the original inaccurate vote totals.

If Florida were recounted and were Clinton to barely win,  t thus splitting the electoral college vote in Florida, the totals would be 269.5 Clinton, 268.5 Trump.

However Trump could legitimately demand that New Hampshire's 4 electoral college votes be split because it was closer than every other state except for Michigan, and that would give Trump 270.5, Clinton 267.5. (Although one could argue New Hamsphire might not have been as close if a recount were done).  

This would leave North Carolina. If NC had a recount and it was deemed either a Clinton victory or too close to call, and its electoral college were split, that would give Clinton 275 and Trump 263.

So the Republicans have a failsafe back up plan in which they can simply offer to split the electoral college in the event the results become so agonizingly close in the three states that apparently are going to be recounted. 

The conclusion is, without North Carolina and Florida being recounted as well, Hillary Clinton may not win even if she barely squeaks out recount victories in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania because the Republicans can counter by "Magnanimously" offering to split the electoral college votes in the three recounted states.

I would like to see Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire added to the recount because without Florida and North Carolina, splitting the electoral college gives the Republicans a false flag of magnanimosity to wave while drawing attention away from what caused the inaccurate tallies that originally favored Trump. Please add Florida and North Carolina to the recounts.

Or…what I would like to see is the democrats do specific precinct recounts in a multitude of states, even in red states that had no chance of going for Clinton. Part of a winning the electoral college strategy is to make sure the popular vote is not too far out of balance.  

If a pattern emerges in which each state had precincts in which more votes were cast for Trump than the total number of voters in that precinct, that would help with the vote your conscience meme that is being floated out to the electoral college community.

For that reason, I would like to see targeted recounts in North Carolina and Florida just to make sure there was no funny business going on, and I would even consider a red state or two as well.

Lets face it, there was so much hate heaped upon Hillary Clinton from the truly vast conservative blogosphere, a conservative blogosphere that is easily 20 times as big as the pro Clinton blogosphere, along with Trump repeatedly calling Hillary Clinton a criminal, and along with the crazy arse stuff that the National Enquire and Globe came out with on average 2 out of every 4 to 6 issues during the campaign season, plus NewsMax and Newsbusters, that DailyPUMA believes there could have been motivation to gin the vote in the rural parts of certain states.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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