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Monday, November 14, 2016

Donald Trump puts on his Poker Face during his Sixty Minutes Interview, states nobody cares about his income taxes.

Donald Trump bluffed his still losing hand on Sixty Minutes last night. Trump stated that nobody cares about his income taxes.

Of course it's hard to care about Donald Trump's Income Taxes when he refuses to make his IRS filings public, just as it is easier to care about Hillary Clinton emails when FBI director James Comey twice calls out Hillary Clinton as being under investigation and holds a press conference each time to do it.

Write letters to Loretta Lynch, ask her to have Donald Trump's Income Taxes Audited by an Independent Tax Committee. Whether or not Trump is found to be a tax evader, immediately write James Comey asking why the FBI either suppressed their Income Tax Investigation on Donald Trump from being made public while Hillary Clinton's email investigation was made public, twice, or…. why did the FBI perhaps not even have an investigation on a possible tax dodger who used his potentially tax dodge money to run for the presidency of the United States.

Also ask Loretta Lynch, why is it ok for a candidate running for president to openly lie about his opponent by calling her a criminal when she has never been indicted or found guilty of a crime. Yelling fire in a crowded room when there is no fire is supposed to be illegal, what Donald Trump did was the same thing, he called his opponent a criminal even though she has never been indicted or been convicted of a crime.

The Tempered Glass Ceiling is to some degree shatter proof when the good old boys network stands on it from above. To shatter the Good Old Boys who stand above the Tempered Glass Ceiling, it will actually require women to break through, not the men who are already in power.

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