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Friday, November 4, 2016

Donald Trump Claims to be Financially Brave, Trump escaped from Debtor's Prison whereas John McCain could not escape his captors. Is Donald Trump braver than John McCain?

Donald Trump can't seem to give a compliment without giving one to himself at the same time. So when Mr. Trump was naming medal of honor recipients at a North Carolina rally, he called the military men braver then himself. However, Trump then added, "well, I am financially brave".

Donald Trump financially brave? 

Perhaps Trump is brave with other people's money, so he has that. And when he loses other people's money, he simply files for bankruptcy. All told, Donald Trump is basically running his entire presidential candidacy off of the loot he didn't pay  back in the 90's to the IRS, his investors, AND the interest he would have paid on all of that debt before theoretically eventually paying it off, with about 2 to 3 billion dollars left over.

After Donald Trump chided John McCain for being captured, and therefore not a real war hero, does Donald Trump consider himself braver than John McCain, but not as brave as a medal of valor soldier who was not captured? It sure seems like it.

A Trump presidency would mean spin on anything Trump places his hands on, beyond comprehension.

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