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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Donald Tump Chortles, "Catch me if you Can", proving he is one of those Deplorables in a Basket.

Donald Trump is never wrong, and Donald Trump is always clever. Donald Trump is at his most clever when he can game bankruptcy laws and the tax code and come out 2 billion dollars ahead, and then pat himself on the back and tell everyone what a genius he is and how stoopid the politicians are for not correcting the tax code mistakes he gamed. 

And if the politicians did fix the problem as in making bankruptcy laws tougher for the common person (which they did), can Trump take credit for that because the IRS had to make up for all the money he gamed off the system at the poor consumer's expense? If Trump hadn't gamed the Bankruptcy system, they never would have fix it! So basically, no matter what Trump does or how he does it, he is always winning and always the genius even as the common person were the ones that ultimately suffered.

Did it ever occur to Mr. Trump to come forward himself, you know, the way that con men and car thieves have been known to do so they can educate others on how to improve their product from theft? 

So to recap, Donald Trump first basically retains 2 billion dollars via debt foregiveness and Income Tax forgiveness, then tells everyone how clever he is and how stoopid everyone else is for not fixing the problem that he gamed. I just had no idea how gallant Donald Trump really is.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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