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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Donald Trump, the Gift that Keeps on Taking.

Check out what DailyPUMA wrote back on August 08, 2016 about Donald Trump's 900 million dollar debt forgiveness back in the early 90's, which apparently is only now bubbling to the surface of the main street media.

When we add up Donald Trump's forgiven debt of 900 million dollars, plus what he probably should have paid in income taxes over the last 20 years, but didn't, might we find that Donald Trump has basically walked away with anywhere from 1 billion to 2 billion dollars in wealth that he actually owed to Banks, Investors and the U.S. Government?

No wonder Donald Trump thinks he is better than everybody else. lol.

As for the claim that Donald Trump has paid a lot in property taxes, it would not surprise me if that is not true. If we could look at those property tax numbers might we would find some type of property tax related loophole that meant he paid way less then the going rate versus what others were paying.

Donald Trump, the Gift that keeps on Taking.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


Amarissa said...

Hi, Alessandro,

Just a reminder that WomenState http://womenstate.blogspot.com/ is for Hillary since I do not see my blog mentioned anymore.
Appreciate if you would add my blog since I had been on your list since 2008.

Amarissa said...

Hi, again, just saw my blog on your column that reads: CONSERVATIVES WHO USED TO SUPPORT HILLARY CLINTON, BUT DO THEY STILL?

Yes, my blog is Pro Hillary if you want to change my position in your columns, thanks again!

Alessandro Machi said...

I added a qualifier to the end of your blog name. Is that ok or do you consider yourself a progressive or moderate blog?

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