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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Are ObamaCare Premiums going up 25% in 2017 in part because of Social Media Advertising?

Is Social Media driving ObamaCare Premiums higher? 

Back in the mid 1980's Taco Bell created a Thelma and Louis Style of commercial in which a car with two ladies in the front seat jumps through a moving train. The commercial was shown once on TV, and then Taco Bell agreed to not air it anymore after the public complained about the commercial. 

I was on the location set for that Taco Bell shoot and in my own youthful, prideful, obtuse manner, expressed to one of the ad agency execs during a break that their commercial was going to get banned, and I was right. 

The problem I have had over the years is when I am right about something, I just am ignored afterwards, perhaps even considered a threat of some kind, and therefore ignored. Nobody in power who I have ever made a useful insight to has ever said, you know, that guy had some good insight, we should consider him as a consultant in the future, it's NEVER happened. 

But I digress.

Thirty Years after the Taco Bell commercial and Google Pixel releases a commercial featuring a motorcyclist standing on top of their moving motorcycle, and they call this stunt, "freedom". 

Wow how times have changed!
Apple also recently released a commercial featuring a motorcyclist gliding out of a garage and into a night time rainstorm as being an idea whose time has come because their new Apple product has been waterproofed! 

It's no longer about the risk to the human body, today's advertising is about how limitless our lives are now that technology has advanced in so many ways. As for our bodies, that is of no concern to the social media manufacturers.

Health insurance companies have even joined the fray with commercials in which everyday people do funny actions in everyday situations that look  somewhat harmless at first but end in spectacular pratfalls, but the pratfalls are presented in a comedic way! Everytime I see these commercials I wonder if the person who crashed for fell to earth was really hurt, yet the commercials seem to glorify the accident as some type of badge of courage.

These types of social media adventure ads are most likely targeting Millennials. Ironically Millennials were supposed to be "The Group" that to some degree subsidized the entire ObamaCare HealthCare System, and then as they aged they too would benefit as the newer wave of post millennials entered the healthcare system. 

But if Social Media continues to glorify dangerous adventure videos, then Millennials may no longer be the glue holding together ObamaCare. Millennials are likely becoming the banged up, bruised and bandaged generation in search of crazy video stunt monetization. Which could mean that millennials may be costing the healthcare system as much money as they put in. Ouch!

We are witnessing a social change in which prior generations went out to see professionals do something in a pre-rehearsed albeit impressive manner while the audience remained seated, watching. Nowadays social media is wagging the dog and we have literally tens of millions of people searching for Pokemon, and millions more attempting to make the next great viral video. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, but as the trend continues healthcare costs will most likely rise.

Either way the social immersion meme is probably overall a more adventurous and therefore more susceptible to injury message, and this fact should not be discounted when determining why Obama Care rates appear to be rising.

Of course there are many other factors that may be causing ObamaCare to potentially rise in cost, but the "exploding interactive social media adventure advertising as a contributing factor" paradigm cannot be discounted or ignored any more.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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