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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Google Hillary Clinton Exercising, Google Donald Trump Exercising, Google Barack Obama Exercising.

Sad to say, when I googled Hillary Clinton exercising, then clicked on the images tab, literally nothing came up that related to exercising.  When I googled Donald Trump excercising, about the only thing that I saw that related to exercising was some golfing pictures.

But when I googled Barack Obama exercising and clicked on images, it was like GQ magazine colliding with Sports Illustrated. The difference between Obama's images and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's images were beyond stark.

So I am challenging the Hillary Clinton campaign, does Hillary Clinton exercise? If Hillary Clinton does not exercise and won't start exercising, then I'm not going to vote for her. I won't vote for Trump either.

This is getting into the realm of ridiculous now. I have to watch Hillary Clinton have a momentary spazz out while mixing it up with reporters over a whatever the heck it was cup of coffee, at least show the world that she gets her butt on an elliptical and frickin does a workout. Very few people would raise an eyebrow if Hillary Clinton stumbled after a sweat raising 30 minute elliptical workout.

Shame on the Hillary Clinton inner circle for enabling and deluding Ms. Clinton into thinking she is above physical exercise.  

First, get well from your pneumonia Ms. Clinton. It is very dangerous to sit in bed all day long when one has pneumonia. Simply sitting in a chair for prolonged periods of time is the type of pneumonia pushback that can help avoid a fatal result. I noticed that with my parent when they were hospitalized with pneumonia, their strength began to come back once they were seated next to their hospital bed. Ironically, nurses can't sit with their patients so they are not allowed to seat their pneumonia patients. But since I was there I was able to monitor my parent while in the chair and their turnaround was quite remarkable.

Real pneumonia can zap someone for a couple of weeks and if they rush getting better before they really are, they can relapse. My own parent took 2 months to fully recover from their consecutive bouts with pneumonia, but they were significantly older than Ms. Clinton and the healthcare supervisor at the hospital forced my parent to leave a couple days too early, which resulted in the relapse.

But as you get better, START EXERCISING. And when you are able to do 20 to 30 minutes on an elliptical, start doing interviews while you ride on your elliptical. There still is time before the election to do an exercise make over. I think it will depend on if your inner circle is brave enough to stand up to you. I hope they are.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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