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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump Interrupts Hillary Clinton 51 times during their first debate, DailyPUMA suggests a Digital Scoreboard Tally of Interruptions for next Debate.

The Final Score was Donald Trump 51, Hillary Clinton 17 in terms of interrupting each other while the other was speaking. DailyPuma suggests two digital scoreboards be placed, one under each debater with "Interruptions" Displayed to describe what is being counted.

When we examine the Interruption Numbers, we can see just how inequitable they really are. The debate was 90 minutes, so each side had 45 minutes to speak. Basically, Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton every 53 seconds she spoke and then probably stole the next 7 seconds of time on average. So not only did Donald Trump interrupt Hillary Clinton every 53 seconds that she spoke, Trump actually stole almost 5 and 1/2 minutes of Hillary Clinton's time in the process. Hillary Clinton had 39.6 minutes to speak because Donald Trump stole approximately 5.4 minutes of Hillary Clinton's time. Whereas Hillary Clinton took only about 2 minutes of Trump's time. 

All in all, Hillary Clinton got 41.6 minutes to speak, Senior Potty Mouth Interruptus, aka Trumpus Interruptus, got 48.4 minutes to speak n sniff.

Of course Trumpus Interruptus won't agree to a digital number spotlighting his mounting interruptions in the next debate because that would just be a slippery slope to him releasing his Deplorable Tax Returns.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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