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Monday, August 1, 2016

Donald Trump doubles down on saying the election is rigged so he wins no matter what the outcome.

Isn't it evident that before the 2016 Presidential election cycle is complete Donald Trump will have pretty much said everything, about everything?

When Donald Trump says the 2016 election is rigged, not only does he fire up his base, but he creates a no lose scenario. If Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election, Trump can claim he won DESPITE the alleged election fraud. If Donald Trump loses the 2016 presidential election, he can of course state it was because of the alleged election fraud.

During the 2004 Kerry vs Bush presidential contest, I watched the live accumulating vote totals for both presidential candidates on CBS. Kerry would continually make very steady popular vote gains and it would look like he was going to pass Bush's popular vote total, then suddenly Bush's vote total would jump a million votes or more ahead. Kerry would then steadily chase down the vote total difference, only for George Bush to suddenly jump a million votes ahead, this quixotic vote total chase happened all night long. 

I found the steady popular vote gain, then suddenly be down again by a lot, suspicious. So who knows, maybe Donald Trump is right. But as we know, in 2004 the winner of a potentially rigged presidential election was the Republican party, not the Democrat Party.

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